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Top 5 UK Driving Holidays

Top 5 UK Driving Holidays

With holidays abroad not fully accessible at present, many Brits seem set to explore the awe-inspiring landscapes that we are lucky enough to have on our very own (collective) doorstep. 

The UK is truly blessed with some fantastic scenery and picturesque holiday destinations. 

From winding roads that breeze through ancient hillsides, to long-trodden routes seemingly floating over moorland - there are abundant driving holiday locations throughout the country. 

If you are looking for some inspiration on where to enjoy a driving holiday this summer, we have selected 5 top destinations*

1. Scotland: North Coast 500

The USA has Route 66. Scotland has the North Coast 500. It may seem like a bold comparison to those who have not been immersed in the natural splendour of the Scottish Highlands, but for those in the know, it is an easy one to make. 

north coast 500

An exciting drive that boasts isolated beaches, striking scenery and timeworn castles. The North Coast 500 is a treasure trove of beauty.

2. Wales: Coast to Coast

One road runs down the spine of Wales – and takes drivers on a mesmerising tour of some of the best scenery the country has to offer. 

Wales road

Running from Conwy in the North to the Welsh capital Cardiff in the South, the A470 meanders its way through the ancient land – captivating you with two national parks on the way, over the Brecon Beacons and through the mountainous Snowdonia.

3. East England: Tour of Norfolk

A region steeped in ancient history; Norfolk is a tranquil place to experience. Boasting a varied mix of city, countryside and coastline.

Norfolk driving

With its long majestic coastline and beautiful Broads, there are plenty of water activities to enjoy on your stop-offs through this county. As well as plenty of nature and wildlife to enjoy. 

4. Southwest England: Devon & Cornwall

The land of Arthurian legend (although he does pop up in the Welsh text: the Mabinogion… we’ll leave that debate to the scholars), Cornwall and Devon are popular destinations.

Cornwall driving

By using the A39 as your guide, you can indulge yourself in both counties and create a host of memories – taking in everything the counties have to offer between Barnstaple and Newquay. Just be careful how you add cream and jam to your scone, depending on where you are…

5. Northern Ireland: Atlantic Causeway

Often missed out on UK articles, is the coastal road that clings to the land around Northern Ireland. Another awe-inspiring journey that submerges you in myth and legend.

Atlantic Causeway

If you are looking for a whistle-stop tour of some of the finest landmarks that Northern Ireland has to offer, this trip does not disappoint. With ancient castles, compelling landscapes and, of course, the Giant’s Causeway itself.

*Covid Caution: Rules & Restrictions

It is time to address the elephant in the room. 

At the time of writing, Covid restrictions remain in place – albeit to varying degrees in the different countries of the United Kingdom.

When planning a trip – it is essential that you follow all local Government advice and rules.

Before you travel, check again - to ensure you know all the relevant information and are following the latest guidance.

If you are unsure as to what the restrictions are in each different region of the UK, you can find out here:

Car Preparations

If you are planning on enjoying a driving holiday this summer. Make sure to check your car over before setting off.

Key areas to check involve:

  1. Fluid levels – this includes brake fluid, screenwash and oil levels.
  2. Tyre tread and air pressure - incorrectly inflated car tyres are a prime cause of increased wear and tear.
  3. Wiper blades – to ensure good visibility if you are driving in poor weather. It’s the UK… this is likely, even in the summer months.
  4. Seat belts - check they are not fraying and risking injury in the event of an accident.

If you're looking for more tips on preparing your car before a long journey read our handy guide.

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