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Motoring: All articles

Read about news and information from the wider motoring world. Articles looking at important events and changes which affect the motorists of the UK.



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Car Price Prediction 2024 (Will Prices Drop or Rise)

Car Price Prediction 2024 (Will Prices Drop or Rise)

Predicting car prices for 2024 can be complex, thanks to the many factors that can influence the market. However, based on current analysis and expert opinions, it is likely that car prices will remain relatively stable in 2024. With a potential, gradual decline - compared to the peak levels seen in 2023.

New Cars Brands Coming in 2024

New Cars Brands Coming in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of the UK car market, 2024 promises an influx of new car brands and models. Heralding a shift towards greater diversity and innovation. This surge is notably led by Chinese and American manufacturers. A testament to the global appeal of the UK market.

UK Autumn Statement 2023 – A Boost For Motorists?

UK Autumn Statement 2023 – A Boost For Motorists?

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, announced the Autumn Statement of 2023, outlining intent for all areas regarding the Conservative manifesto. Drivers in the UK may be wondering what these policies entail, and how it may impact motoring across the country - let's find out what it means.

Cost of living crisis and tyres

Tyres During The Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living has not gone away. It continues to assert itself on people across the globe. Many people are feeling the pinch, now more than ever. As prices for essentials like food and energy continue to remain high, families struggle.

Joining a Caravan & Motorhome Club

Joining a Caravan & Motorhome Club

Joining a caravan & motorhome club gives a sense of community and life experiences for people that have a passion for travel, comfort, and socialising. Ranging from retirees to families, the demographic of caravan & motorhome club enthusiasts is wide, meaning there is great importance to knowing what to look for if you are interested in joining one yourself.


King's Speech: What is the Automated Vehicles Bill?

This week, in what was his first King's Speech, King Charles introduced an Automated Vehicles Bill (AV). One of 21 priority bills to be set out for the Government. But what is the Automated Vehicles Bill?

Private Number Plates: All you need to know in the UK

Private Number Plates: All you need to know in the UK

Private number plates have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom over the past couple of decades. These unique combinations of letters and numbers not only add a personal touch to a vehicle but also open up a world of possibilities for customisation.

A Guide To UK Number Plates

A Guide To UK Number Plates

Number plates, those ubiquitous combinations of letters and numbers adorning vehicles, may seem mundane at first glance. However, much like car tyres, these small plates carry a rich history - and play a crucial role in identifying vehicles

ULEZ: Everything We Know (So Far)

ULEZ: Everything We Know (So Far)

Significant changes to motoring in London are due to transpire at the end of this month, with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announcing plans for Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) to cover all London boroughs from August 29th, 2023.

Car Brand and Model Anniversaries of 2023

Car Brand and Model Anniversaries of 2023

In the year of 2023, we have seen many iconic car manufacturers and models celebrate milestone anniversaries. But what car brands and models are they?

New hidden speed cameras could roll out soon

New hidden speed cameras could roll out soon

A new generation of ‘stealth’ speed camera vans could soon appear on the UK’s roads. Unlike the police vans we are accustomed to, these new vehicles have been designed to be more inconspicuous, making them harder for drivers to detect.

Road signs

Low Emissions Zones and What It Means For Drivers

Low Emissions Zones (LEZs) and Clean Air Zones (CAZs) are often used interchangeably to describe inner-city areas where drivers of older, more polluting vehicles must pay to drive through. What are they and how will they affect drivers?

Road signs

Smartphone Dashcam App for Reporting Traffic Crimes

A new app, set to be launched later this year, could mix up the way drivers use the roads - and how traffic crimes are dealt with.

Slow puncture

The Future of Autonomous Travel

For many people, self-driving cars are the future of travel. But what will that look like? The answer is… who knows?

Road signs

Highway code refresher - weird and wonderful signs

When out driving, have you ever come across signs that left you scratching your head?Fear not! As your friendly local neighbourhood online tyre retailer, we're here to refresh your memory...

Slow puncture

Slow Punctures - A Silent Danger

These are punctures that occur over time and cause a loss of traction and handling, reduced fuel efficiency, and can even lead to a dangerous blowout.

cars of 2023

What are the new car brands to keep an eye on in 2023?

As we fully settle into 2023 – 2 months down and counting – we can see that the automotive industry in the UK is undergoing a significant shift towards electrification and sustainability. Established brands are launching new electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid models, while new players are entering the market with innovative technologies and designs.

Best cars for pets

Best cars for pets

For pet owners in the UK, finding the right family car that accommodates both loved ones and furry friends can at times seem like a tricky job. Pet owners need to consider space, comfort levels, overall safety, and affordability.

Blackcircles.com Partner with Jonny Smith for Exciting New Content

Blackcircles.com Partner with Jonny Smith for Exciting New Content

Blackcircles.com, the UK's leading online tyre retailer, has teamed up with automotive expert Jonny Smith – the former presenter of the TV show "Fifth Gear" and host of the extremely popular YouTube channel, Late Brake Show.

Future of electric SUVs

The Future of Electric SUVs

Once maybe deemed a futuristic fantasy, electric SUVs are very much a present reality. With new models being launched on a regular basis. Some love, some lament. But what does the future of these vehicles entail?

Technology in cars

Alternative car power - solar EVs and beyond

Solar electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) are two alternative car power sources that have been gaining attention in recent years. But are they the future to the automotive industry? As it looks for better ways to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

Technology in cars

Top 4 Sports Cars For Under £40k in 2023

The market for affordable sports cars can seem like a sparse one, with new models typically demanding more money. But with some careful scouting, you can find some good bargains. We've rounded up our top four picks for under £40k, so that you can find your perfect car no matter what you're looking for.

Technology in cars

Technology in cars: The Good, The Bad and the Downright Wacky

Today we’re going to have a look into the wonderful world of union between technology and the car industry. Highlighting some divine matchups, hellish pairings and couplings which make you question both your, and the engineers’, sanity.

Understanding Run Flat Tyres

Understanding Run Flat Tyres

Run Flat tyres are a type of tyre capable of running on air pressure that would result in a standard tyre becoming unusable. There are a number of advantages for those who have Run Flat Tyres fitted to their car.

EV Charging Points

Find EV Charging Points Around The UK

One common opinion you may hear when the conversation turns to electric cars, is that there are not enough EV charging points within the UK’s network. Looking at the numbers, you can start to see why some people may feel this way.

Registration Plate Article

The Curiously Interesting World of Reg Plates

My name is James and I find vehicle registration numbers and number plates curiously interesting. There – I said it. No less than a day ago this sentence was perhaps one of the least likely things I would have imagined writing.

Prepare for MOT Test

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the MOT Test

Once that your vehicle has reached its third birthday you have to book it in for a MOT Test at least once a year. The entire process is very strongly regulated and because of this, you are only able to take your car for a MOT Test at an approved MOT test centre.

Smart motorways delayed

Smart Motorways Delayed To Gather Safety Data

Last week it was announced that the smart motorway rollout across the UK has been delayed until 5 years of safety data is available.

New UK driving laws

New UK Driving Laws & Guidance in 2022

The UK’s driving laws are set to receive some changes this year, with some major additions to the Highway Code. Read our summary to find out more.

What to Buy a Car Lover for Christmas

What to Buy a Car Lover for Christmas?

With Christmas only a few weeks away, it’s time to check your list (twice of course) and make sure you have everything you need for your loved ones.

e10 petrol

E10 Petrol: What is it? Can I use it?

It feels like only the other day that E10 petrol became the standard type of unleaded being sold all over the UK. It comes as part of the UK Government's plans to cut down on carbon emissions.

Driving Holidays

Top 5 UK Driving Holidays

With holidays abroad not fully accessible at present, many Brits seem set to explore the awe-inspiring landscapes that we are lucky enough to have on our very own (collective) doorstep.

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