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Tyre Development: All articles

Find out all the latest information and news in relation to the tyres and their development. Covering new technologies and innovations within the tyre industry.



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Part Worn Motorbike Tyres - Are They Safe?

Part Worn Motorbike Tyres - Are They Safe?

Much like cars, motorbikes can be equipped with part worn tyres. These tyre types can vary in quality, safety, and reliability depending on what part worn tyres are purchased. So, let’s explore exactly what part worn tyres are, why people opt for them, and how safe they truly are for your motorbike.

Michelin Pilot Sport Range

The Michelin Pilot Sport Tyre Range

The story of Michelin's Pilot Sport tyre range is all about being super smart, super fast, and super safe. From the start, these tyres have been leading the way, showing everyone how it's done when it comes to tyre tech.

What is a Stepney Tyre?

What is a Stepney Tyre?

A Stepney tyre is another term for a spare tyre, which was invented by brothers Thomas and Walter Davies in 1904. Stepney tyres have evolved over decades, becoming one of the most important assets for motorists to have on hand for their vehicles.

Airless Tyres

Airless Tyre: Are Michelin To Usher in New Era of Mobility?

Thanks to Michelin's airless tyre technology, the world of automotive transportation could be on the brink of significant evolution. This groundbreaking development, encapsulated in their VISION concept, promises to eradicate the age-old problem of flat tyres.

EV Tyres

The Bright Future of EV Tyres

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular, tyre manufacturers are working hard to develop new technologies that are suitable for these vehicles. This includes developing tyres specifically designed for EVs, which are more efficient and longer lasting.

Yokohama SUV tyres

The Future of Electric Vehicle Tyres

With the cost of living increasing and concerns for the environment at an all-time high, more motorists than ever before are choosing to invest in electric vehicles (EVs).

Yokohama SUV tyres

Spotlight: Yokohama Helping SUVs Go Further

As SUV vehicles continue to increase in sales numbers throughout the UK, Yokohama has an ever increasing selection of tyres designed to meet the unique requirements of these vehicles.

EU Tyre Label

New EU Tyre Label Rolling Out

First introduced in 2012, the EU Tyre Label was created to provide motorists with key information regarding the safety elements of a tyre, as well as their impact upon the environment.

Evolution of the tyre

The Evolution of Tyres

The very first pneumatic tyres designed by John Dunlop were based simply on a hollow, rubber tube filled with air and were designed to improve the comfort of his son’s tricycle.

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