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Highway code refresher - weird and wonderful signs

Highway code refresher - weird and wonderful signs

When out driving, have you ever come across signs that left you scratching your head?

Fear not! As your friendly local neighbourhood online tyre retailer, we're here to refresh your memory on some of the more intriguing signs that you may come across on the road.

Watercourse Ahead

One of the most puzzling signs is the "Watercourse Ahead" sign.

Watercourse ahead

But, it's actually a warning for drivers to look out for ditches or waterways alongside the road.

Diverted Traffic Due to Sharp Bends

Another mouthful of a sign is the "Diverted Traffic Due to Sharp Bends" sign.


It means that there are some sharp turns ahead, and traffic may be diverted onto a different route. So, brace yourself for a thrilling ride!

No Motor Vehicles Allowed

It may look like a 'no motorbike stunts allowed' kind of deal... but this sign simply prohibits cars and other motor vehicles from entering the road.

No Motor Vehicles

Only pedestrians and bicycles are permitted.

Beware of Slow-Moving Military Vehicles

If you come across the "Beware of Slow-Moving Military Vehicles" sign, be prepared for a slow-moving convoy of military vehicles.

Slow moving military vehicles

Give these troops the respect they deserve for their important work.

Shallow River Crossing (Ford)

The "Shallow River Crossing" sign does not indicate that there is a Ford dealership ahead.

Ford Ahead Sign

No, rather it tells the road user that there's a shallow crossing point in a river or stream, so expect a bumpy ride.

No Vehicles Carrying Explosives

This sign is fairly self-explanatory, but it means that vehicles carrying explosives are not allowed on the road. Perhaps a throw back to a bygone day of carrying your TNT around...


Either way, best not to argue with this one!

No Horse-drawn Vehicles

Perhaps not as common as they once were - the "No Horse Drawn Vehicles" sign still exists in some areas. Put simply, it means that horse-drawn vehicles are not allowed on the road.


Unless you're in a carriage or cart, you'll need to find another mode of transportation.

Horse-drawn Vehicles Likely

On the other hand, the "Horse-drawn Vehicles Likely" sign indicates that you may encounter horse-drawn vehicles on the road.


Keep an eye out for carriages and carts and give them plenty of space.

No Vehicles Permitted

The simplest sign of them all - no invisible cars. Actually, no this one just means that no vehicles are allowed on the road.


So, take a stroll or find an alternative route to your destination.

Toads Area

This sign alerts drivers to the possible presence of toads crossing the road during their breeding season.

Toad area

Toads are slow-moving and can be easily spotted, but it's important to slow down and give them a wide berth to avoid injuring them.

Rare signs

Remember, they may seem perplexing at first glance, but they all serve an important purpose in keeping us safe on our travels.

Whether it's a water hazard, a military convoy or a horse and carriage, these signs are there to guide and protect us, so it's important to pay attention and follow their instructions.

Please note: all road sign imagery used are are Crown copyright, used on this blog under the Open Government Licence. 

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