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The Future of Electric SUVs

The Future of Electric SUVs

Once maybe deemed a futuristic fantasy, electric SUVs are very much a present reality. With new models being launched on a regular basis. 

Some love, some lament. But what does the future of these vehicles entail? 

Earlier this month, Citroen CEO Vincent Cobée gave quite the statement, when he said, “The world of SUVs is done.”

With a growing focus on reducing carbon emissions and a more sustainable future, the demand for electric vehicles has skyrocketed. Will electric SUVs be a part of this?

Pros of Electric SUVs

Cons of Electric SUVs

No, you’re not going mad. But maybe I am. As some of the pros and the cons fall under the same category. 

That’s the issue with many of these arguments. On one hand a point can seem like a good thing, but, you may find yourself limited. 

Off road ev suv

Range being the perfect example. Advances are being made, true, but the basic design of an SUV is not always the most aerodynamic. This can lead to less range when compared to more sleek and smaller vehicles. 

The importance of tyres for electric SUVs

When it comes to electric SUVs, the importance of quality tyres can't be overstated.

Much like car tyres - those designed for EVs play a crucial role in the performance, safety, and overall efficiency of an electric SUV.

EV-specific tyres are designed to meet the unique demands of electric vehicles, such as a Tesla Model Y. They're made with low rolling resistance, which helps to improve the efficiency of the vehicle and increase the range of the battery. EV tyres also have a higher load capacity, which is important for heavier electric vehicles.

Is there a future for electric EVs?

As with most things, the answer is a very dissatisfying 'it depends'. At present the market for these vehicles is expected to continue growing. 

So long as there is further improved technology, increased affordability, and a better charging infrastructure put in place – then electric SUVs may yet become an integral part of the automotive industry. 

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