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The Bright Future of EV Tyres

The Bright Future of EV Tyres

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular, tyre manufacturers are working hard to develop new technologies that are suitable for these vehicles.

This includes developing tyres specifically designed for EVs, which are more efficient and longer lasting.

EV tyres

These new tyres will not only help make EVs more effective, but they will also help improve safety and the driver’s experience.

Furthermore, EV tyres are being designed to be more eco-friendly - helping reduce the environmental footprint of electric vehicles.

EVs Popularity

The rise in popularity of electric vehicles can be attributed to a few key factors.

EV Tyres

As electric vehicles become a major part of the automotive industry, tyre manufacturers have been required move quickly to develop technologies that meet the unique needs of EVs.

Companies such as Michelin, Hankook and Pirelli are already investing heavily the in research and development of new tyres specifically designed for EVs - to take advantage of the increasing demand.

EV tyres woods

These tyres are designed to provide enhanced grip and braking capabilities, as well as increased battery performance and energy efficiency.

Tyre manufacturers are experimenting with new materials to create tyres that reduce road noise and improve the overall performance.

With the increase in popularity of electric cars, the question of whether you need special tyres for EVs has become more pertinent.

Put simply, the answer is yes. While traditional car tyres may be able to provide some level of performance, they are not designed to fully optimise the capabilities of an EV.

BMW Charging

Traditional tyres are generally unable to handle the high torque placed upon them by electric cars, leading to a much higher wear rate.

Specialty tyres designed for electric vehicles offer superior performance, longer lifespans, improved safety, and better overall efficiency.

Michelin EV Tyres

One of the first forays into the EV tyre market for the Michelin is their Pilot Sport EV tyre.

The tyre has been designed with a thinner top belt that is capable of delivering the same resistance with less raw material. As a result, they generate less rolling resistance.

In terms of efficiency, a low rolling resistance has been achieved through specially constructed compound. Less raw material used helps to reduce levels of energy loss - resulting in an improved battery range.

Hankook EV Tyres

Hankook are embracing the brave new world of EV tyres with a lot of development. So much so that they announced “the world's first full line-up of tires specifically for EVs” in 2022.

Their new iON range was claimed to make them the first tyre brand in the world with a complete line up, exclusively for electric vehicles.

Hankook have developed their “EVolution Technology” which they claim “perfectly complements the features of sophisticated electric vehicles and has evolved to optimize their performance.”

So far, the iON range consists of 3 tyres:

Pirelli EV Tyres

Pirelli’s own entry into the EV tyres market comes from their ELECT™ tyres.

These feature technology that has been developed to provide EVs with a longer and more comfortable drive - with less energy dissipation thanks to a low rolling resistance.

To cope with the increased weight of electric vehicles, ELECT™ tyres have a reinforced structure to provide increased stability and an enhanced grip.

An electric vehicle's unique features are considered – with the range’s contact patch leading to an increase in road surface contact of 3.5% and improved pressure distribution, which leads to higher performance levels.

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