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A Look At Yokohama's AA Rated Tyre - BluEarth-Air EF21

A Look At Yokohama's AA Rated Tyre - BluEarth-Air EF21

Launched last year,  the Yokohama BluEarth-air EF21 makes use of cutting edge technology to achieve an environmentally-friendly tyre design.

The BluEarth-air EF21 boasts the much sought after double-A rating - scoring top marks for both rolling resistance and wet grip on the EU tyre label.

The Light Weight Tyre and Its Design

When developing the BluEarth-Air EF21, Yokohama employed new technology to deliver lighter car tyres - which is capable of using fewer resources in its construction, whilst also increasing the tyre's fuel efficiency due to contributing to an overall lighter vehicle weight.

In the BluEarth-Air EF21, Yokohama has managed to create a high-performance tyre, with a staggering 25% in the tyre's mass - when compared with the “ADVAN dB V551”.

A new and unique tread compounds have been created for the BluEarth-Air EF21 which uses nano-particles of silica alongside a coupling agent and silica dispersant to keep the tyre lightweight, but strong.

This special compound increases the amount of contact area between the tread and the surface of the road - to deliver a robust and reliable wet braking performance.

The tyre's tread pattern has been optimised with longitudinal grooves that disperse surface water from the path of the tyre - significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Over the course of the tyre's lifespan, the longitudinal grooves also change shape, to ensure that the tyre remains efficient in its performance regardless of the wear.

Customer Testimonials

Here is what customers of Blackcircles.com have said when reviewing the Yokohama BluEarth-Air EF21

"So far so good. Test will be time and durability. My last tyres were on my car for 4 years and still passed mot."

"Very close to the P7 Cinturatos when it comes to dry performance, but so much better when in damp or wet conditions. Much quieter than the Pirelli as well."

Other News From The Range

The BluEarth-Air EF21 is but one tyre within Yokohama's range of tyres - which are aimed at reducing the effect tyres have on the environment.

Launched in 2019, the BluEarth-GT AE51 is now widely available throughout Europe.

This new tyre designed for mid-range sedans is set to succeed the popular and highly rated Yokohama BluEarth AE50 - which has amassed over 1500 customer reviews on Blackcircles.com.

With over 50 sizes available, Yokohama is looking to fulfil much of the mid-range market with the AE51.

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