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Spotlight: Continental PremiumContact 7

Spotlight: Continental PremiumContact 7

Last year Continental launched the latest tyre in the Premium Contact range – the PremiumContact 7.

Following years of development, Continental created the seventh generation of their successful premium tyre, with a focus on maximum safety in all driving conditions.

Continental PremiumContact 7 tyre

The PremiumContact 7 has been designed to offer a comfortable and worry-free ride for the entire family.

PremiumContact 7 Features

One of the key features of this tyre is its size-specific design, which has been tailored to each vehicle class and all drive types.

This means that whether you have a heavy commercial vehicle or a lighter passenger car, the PremiumContact 7 has been optimized to provide the best performance and safety for your specific vehicle.

PremiumContact 7 features Continental’s RedChili compound used within the tread.

Continental PremiumContact 7 tyre on driveway

This unique rubber compound allows for optimal grip in a wide range of temperatures. This means that during transitional seasons like spring and autumn, you can enjoy maximum grip and handling on the road.

The adaptive tread design of the PremiumContact 7 is also helps to provides greater stability and ride comfort on both wet and dry roads - thanks to its wide lateral openings in the outer areas of the tread pattern.

When cornering, the ground contact surface shifts outward, providing more rubber and better grip on the road. Aiding in stability on wet surfaces, during braking, cornering, and accelerating.

PremiumContact 7 Testing

Continental put the PremiumContact 7 rigorous testing to ensure its performance and safety. The mileage of the tyre has been tested over a distance of 150,000 km and optimized to provide a ten percent increase compared to its much loved predecessor – the PremiumContact 6.

Wet handling has been improved by 5 percent, wet braking by as much as 7 percent, and aquaplaning by 2 percent.

The PremiumContact 7 now achieves an “A” wet grip class rating on the EU tyre label. Dry handling and braking were both improved by 3 percentage points.

Order PremiumContact 7 Online

The PremiumContact 7 is now available in a range of sizes, with more popular tyre sizes between 16 and 21 inches.

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