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Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Get Your Car Ready for Spring

Spring is here and that means preparing your car tyres for some Springtime driving.

From car maintenance to spring cleaning, we have some top tips to get your car ready after the cold winter months.

Driving in sun

Car Maintenance

The first thing to do is make sure you are ready for spring weather conditions. You should check the conditions of all your tyres, including the spare one in your boot - if you have a spare. Looking for any scratches, gouges, or bulges.

Other important things to check include the tyre's tread depth and air pressure before heading out.

To check that your tyres have a legal tread depth you can either use a tread depth guide or, if you do not have one of these, use a 20p piece. If the tread depth is over the border of the coin, then the tyres are of a legal depth.

20p tread depth

When checking the air pressure, the most accurate readings will be achieved when the tyres are cold – i.e. have not been driven on recently.

Once you’ve checked your tyres, move on to other key areas of the car. Check all the lights - headlights, taillights, brake lights and indicators to ensure they are clean and working properly. 

If they aren't working properly now would be a great time to see if any repairs can be done at home or it's more extensive work than you can do, be sure to seek help from an expert.

Now is also a great time to change the oil in your engine so it's ready when spring driving conditions arrive. Just add new oil after draining out the old.

Oil change

A quick online search will give you instructions on how much oil to add depending on the size of your engine – or if you are not comfortable doing this yourself, an oil service can be booked at your local garage.

Spring Clean Your Car

A spring clean is a perfect way to start getting your car ready for the changing season. A full wash with proper soap will remove salt residue from winter driving conditions which can cause rust spots in spring wash.

Many car owners enjoy cleaning their own car - however, if this is something you’d rather have a professional carry out, there are many car valets throughout the UK.

Cleaning car

As well as the exterior, it is important to give your interior a good clean. Declutter any items that have found their way into the car that shouldn’t be there and give the seats and floors a good vacuum.

Safety Checks Before Spring Driving

It's important to make sure everything is working properly before getting out on the road. Take note of where your driving destinations are so you know how much fuel you need to get there and back safely – or where the charging points are along the route if you own an electric vehicle.

If it has been a while since your last check, then now may be the perfect time to conduct basic safety checks just to ensure everything is working well. Including the items mentioned above – your tyres, your oil levels, windscreen wipers and general exterior.

Need new tyres?

If, in the process of carrying out your Springtime checks, you discover that your tyres are near the end of their life - visit Blackcircles.com to find your next set of tyres.

By simply entering your registration number into our search tool, you will find all the relevant tyres for your car that we currently have in stock.

Once have your new tyres selected, you can choose which garage you would like the tyre fitting to take place. You are free to select what date and time is most convenient for you.

The team at Blackcircles.com takes care of everything else, ensuring that you are kept informed at each stage for your own peace of mind.


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