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New Van and Truck Tyres

Blackcircles.com knows that for van and truck owners, buying the right tyres at the right price is important. That is why we stock a complete range of van tyre and truck tyre options to meet the requirements for the most popular van and trucks.

Benefits of Blackcircles.com

Whether you require new van tyres on a one off basis or if you have a fleet of vans in need of new tyres, by choosing Blackcircles.com you can take advantage of:

So, no matter the type of vehicle you drive – whether it’s a small delivery van, a larger panel van or a truck - you will be sure to find a set of tyres to meet your needs on Blackcircles.com

Choosing The Right Truck Tyres or Van Tyres

Truck tyres

There are several different types of truck tyre – each with it’s own specific characteristics and abilites. When looking to purchase a new set of truck tyres, it is important to consider the type of tyre you will require:

  • All season – designed to tackle a variety of road and weather conditions throughout the year. Typically long lasting, so good for long haul journeys.
  • High performance – designed to enhance the handling and cornering capabilities of the truck. Normally more expensive that all season, but deliver greater comfort.
  • All terrain – designed to transition well between motorway and rough roads without any issue. Generally bigger, with larger tread blocks to deliver strong traction on several road types.
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Small Panel Van tyres

Small panel and city vans are, as the name suggests, smaller in nature than the large panel and box vans.

However, they still require tyres that are reinforced with strengthened sidewalls to tackle the rigours of van driving.
Our catalogue features a wide selection of small van tyres, suitbale for fitment on the most popular vans – including Ford Transit Connect, Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo, Fiat Doblo and the Volkswagen Caddy.

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Large Panel Van tyres

Like a box van, large panel vans require very specific requirements from their tyres. The need for a reliable and strong tyre is important.

In most cases a large panel van – such as a Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Citroen Relay or Peugeot Boxer – requires a tyre with an appropriate ply rating, such as 6ply or 8ply depending on the size and requirements of your vehicle.

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Box Van tyres

Box vans require a strong and sturdy tyre.

When looking to buy a new box van tyre we understand that a van owner requires tyres with an ultra-load capabilities and increased longevity.
When shopping for new tyres - whether it is for a Iveco Daily, Renault Master, Ford Luton or Vauxhall Movano - ensure that you select appropriate tyres with an 8ply, 10ply or 12ply ratings. This type of tyre is constructed to meet the demands and weights of a box van.

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How to find your van tyre size

You will find the size of a tyre on its sidewall.

The tyre search required in this instance would be:
The C stands for commercial tyre and indicates that the profile of the tyre will be ‘80’
Width | Rim Size | Profile ‘185 / R14 C’


some commercial vans such as Fiat Doblo Facelift, ...

Width | Profile | Rim Size | Load Rating | Speed Rating

The tyre search required in this instance would be‘195 / 70 R15 C 104/102 S’

How to find your truck tyre size

The tyre size for your truck can be found in several places – such as the tyres, an information sticker on the inside the cabin door or the truck’s manual.

When looking at the tyres currently fitted to your truck, you will see the tyre size represented by a series of numbers and letters.

  • In the above example, the tyre size is broken down as follows:
  • 385 | The tyre width in millimetres
  • 65 | The tyre’s sidewall height as a percentage of the width. In this example, 65% of 385mm – this is sometimes called the aspect ratio.
  • R | The R tells us that is of Radial Construction
  • 22.5 | The diameter of the tyre's inner rim – this time in inches