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New Tyre Launching: Michelin e.Primacy

New Tyre Launching: Michelin e.Primacy

The new Michelin e.Primacy tyre, set to launch in the Spring of 2021, is said to be Michelin’s first eco-responsible tyre.

Rolling Resistance Performance

By using cutting edge technology and innovative construction techniques, the Michelin e.Primacy looks set to deliver a superior rolling resistance performance.

Across their tyre sizes, at the time of launch, the Michelin e.PRIMACY premium tyres are said to have achieved an A rating in energy efficiency and A or B in wet grip.

This low rolling resistance is crucial in helping the tyre to achieve it’s aim of being eco-responsible – simply, by helping a vehicle burn through less fuel or use less electricity, the tyre can contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Michelin e.Primacy in the sun

The introduction of the Michelin e·PRIMACY is also an important step in encouraging motorists to think about moving to either an electric or hybrid vehicle.

This thanks to the rolling resistance performance of the e.Primacy - which is capable of improving an EV’s efficiency by an estimated 7%. This equates to around 30 km, if the vehicle has a range in the region of 400 km.

Michelin e.Primacy windmill

Long Lasting Performance 

This latest model from Michelin continues the manufacturer’s desire and reputation of designing tyres capable of delivering a high-performance level ‘from the first to the last kilometre’.

Testing on the new e.Primacy has shown that after 30,000 km of road usage, it is still capable of passing the R117 standard wet braking approval test for new tyres.

e.Primacy Coming Soon

The tyre is due to become available for purchase from the Spring of 2021 – with availability said to cover 56 size, from 15 to 20 inches.

The new MICHELIN e.PRIMACY will therefore be available as a fitting option on some of the car market’s most popular vehicles – be they powered by combustion engine or battery.

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