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Choosing Tyres

How do I find my tyre size?

How do I know what tyres I should choose?

How do I find out more about the brands?

Why do some tyres have vehicle manufacturers listed against them?

What do XL and Reinforced mean?

What tyres will offer good mileage?

Do you sell rims or alloys as well as tyres?

Can I change the size of tyre I am ordering?

What are extra load tyres?

How long do tyres last?

What tyres last the longest UK?

What is the difference between budget, mid-range, and premium tyres?

How much is a new tyre?

How much to fit tyres?

What is aspect ratio for tyres?

How much are my tyres based on inch?

What are low profile tyres?

What are energy saving tyres and are they worth it?

What is the advantage of energy saving tyres?

What are homologated tyres?

Run Flat Tyres

Looking for a Run Flat tyre?

Can I change away from Run Flat tyres?

How do I know if my tyres are Run Flat tyres?

How to identify Bridgestone run flat tyres

How to identify Michelin run flat tyres

How to identify Continental run flat tyres

How to identify Pirelli run flat tyres

Avon run flat tyres

Falken run flat tyres

Hankook run flat tyres

Kumho run flat tyres

Toyo run flat tyres

Yokohama run flat tyres

Can I change my run flat tyres back to normal tyres

What are run flat tyres and how do they work?

Can you repair run flat tyres?

Can you mix run flat tyres with normal tyres?

How far can you travel on a run flat tyre?

Are reinforced tyres the same as run flats tyres?

How to change a run flat tyre

Tyre Speed Rating

What is speed rating?

Why are you showing various speed ratings in my results?

Can I fit a higher / lower speed rating?

What does ZR mean?

Can you mix speed ratings on tyres?

Does speed rating matter when purchasing car tyres?

Tyre Load Rating

What is load rating?

Should I pick a higher or lower load rating?

Can I mix tyre load ratings?

What tyre load rating do I need?


Electric vehicle FAQ

Which supermarkets have charging points?

How much to install an EV charger at home

Are electric vehicles good for towing?

What is a hybrid electric vehicle?

How much does it cost to charge an EV?

Are electric vehicles exempt from congestion charges?

Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles FAQs

Electric Vehicle Battery FAQs

Charging Stations FAQs

What are the different levels of electric vehicle charging

Can any EV charge using a Tesla supercharger in the UK?

All Season Tyres

What are all season tyres?

Summer Tyres

Using summer tyres in winter

Winter Tyres

Should I choose winter tyres?

When to change to winter tyres in the UK

Why do winter tyres have lower speed ratings?

Do you have a tyre storage service if I choose winters?

Using winter tyres in Summer

Are winter tyres mandatory?

Are winter tyres worth it?

How to store winter tyres

Do I need to replace all tyres with winter

How do winter tyres work and how to identify them

Van Tyres

How do I find van tyres?

I do not have all the size details for my van tyre?

Tyre Legal FAQs

What makes your tyres legal vs illegal?

Is it illegal to drive without a spare tyre in the UK?

Are studded tyres legal in the UK?

Are retreaded tyres legal in the UK?

Are perished tyres illegal or legal in the UK?

Are mud tyres road legal or illegal in the UK?

Are off road tyres legal or illegal in the UK?

Are second hand tyres legal?

Are cracked tyres legal or illegal?

Are slick tyres road legal?

Are tyre plugs legal in the UK?

Are cracked tyres legal or illegal?

How to check if my tyres are legal

Is it illegal to have different tyres on your vehicle?

Where can I legally change my tyre in the UK?

Can you claimed for slashed tyres?

What is the penalty for driving with bald tyres?

Tyre Age FAQs

How to tell the age of a tyre

Does the age of a tyre matter?

What age should tyres be replaced?

Do tyres deteriorate with age?

Tyre Disposal

How to dispose of tyres

Can tyres be recycled?

Tyre Dust Caps

Do you need tyre dust caps?

What are dust caps?

How to remove dust caps


What does TPMS stand for?

How does TPMS work?

Replacing or Rotating TPMS Sensors

The legalities around TPMS

TPMS batteries

TPMS light won't switch off

How accurate are the TPMS sensor?

Where is the TPMS reset button?

Tyre Pressure

When should tyre pressure be checked?

How Tyre Pressure Affects MOT

What happens if tyre pressure is too high

What happens if tyre pressure is too low

Does temperature affect tyre pressure?

How To Check Vehicle Tyre Pressure

How To Check Tyre Pressure At Home & Petrol Station

How To Read Tyre Pressure Label Stickers

How To Reset Tyre Pressure Sensors

How to correct tyre pressure – inflate & deflate at tyre

What is the minimum legal tyre pressure in the UK?

Trailer Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure Readings & Other Conversions

Convert BAR To PSI

Convert BAR To KPA

Convert PSI To BAR

Convert PSI To KPA

Convert KPA To PSI

Convert KPA To BAR

What is the difference between PSI & BAR & KPA?

Engine Power & Conversions

  • BHP Check

    Convert HP to BHP

    Convert HP to kW

    Convert HP to PS

    Convert BHP to HP

    Convert BHP to PS

    Convert BHP to kW

    Convert kW to HP

    Convert kW to BHP

    Convert kW to PS

    Convert PS to BHP

    Convert PS to HP

    Convert PS to kW

    Distances & Conversions

  • Convert Centimetres to Feet

  • Convert Centimetres to Inches

  • Convert Centimetres to Millimetres

  • Convert Centimetres to Kilometres

  • Convert Centimetres to Yards

  • Convert Feet to Centimetres

  • Convert Feet to Inches

  • Convert Feet to Kilometres

  • Convert Feet to Miles

  • Convert Feet to Millimetres

  • Convert Feet to Yards

  • Convert Inches to Centimetres

  • Convert Inches to Millimetres

  • Convert Inches to Feet

  • Convert Inches to Yards

  • Convert Kilometres to Centimetres

  • Convert Kilometres to Feet

  • Convert Kilometres to Miles

  • Convert Kilometres to Millimetres

  • Convert Miles to Feet

  • Convert Miles to Kilometres

  • Convert Miles to Yards

  • Convert Millimetres to Centimetres

  • Convert Millimetres to Feet

  • Convert Millimetres to Inches

  • Convert Millimetres to Kilometres

  • Convert Yards to Centimetres

  • Convert Yards to Feet

    Speed & Conversions

  • Convert Knots to MPH

  • Convert KPH to MPH

  • Convert KPH to MPS

  • Convert MPH to KPH

  • Convert MPH to Knots

  • Convert MPS to KPH

  • Convert MPS to MPH

    Fuel Calculators

  • Fuel Cost Calculator

  • Journey Cost Calculator

  • MPG Calculator

  • L/100KM to MPG Calculator

    Tyre Tread

    How to check tyre tread

    How many miles per 1mm of tread depth?

    How much mm is on a new tyre?

    What is the legal minimum depth of tread for car tyres?

    Can I mix tyre tread patterns?

    How to measure tyre tread with and without a gauge

    Why are tyres treaded?

    Manufacturer Fitment

    How to tell if a tyre is developed for a specific car manufacturer

    Spare Tyres FAQ

    Do I need a spare tyre to pass MOT?

    How long can you drive on a spare tyre in the UK?

    Do all cars have a spare tyre?

    Do spare tyres have a TPMS system

    What else is a spare tyre called?

    Flat Tyres FAQ

    Can I drive with a flat tyre?

    What to do with a flat tyre?

    Tyre Repairs

    How much does it cost to repair a tyre?

    Can a tyre be repaired?

    Can you repair a tyre with a nail in it?

    How to use a tyre puncture repair kit

    How long to wait after a puncture repair

    Can I drive with a punctured tyre?

    What should you do if you puncture your tyre?

    Wheel Alignment

    What is wheel alignment?

    Is tracking the same as wheel alignment?

    Can bad wheel alignment cause issues?

    Do I need wheel alignment?

    Safety & Maintenance

    How to change a tyre

    How long does it take to change a tyre?

    When to change tyres?

    Can tyres melt in the hot weather?

    Can you change tyre without the locking wheel nut?

    Tyre safety tips

    European winter tyre laws

    Do EVs need an oil change?

    Part worn tyres

    Do car tyres have inner tubes

    When to replace tyres?

    Do AA Change tyres?

    Why do tyres crack?

    Are tyres wheels?

    What are pneumatic tyres?

    What is tyre sealant?

    What is a space saver tyre?

    What causes issues with my tyres?

    What should you do if your tyre bursts while driving?

    How to claim pothole damage to tyres

    How to become a tyre fitter?

    Identifying each of your vehicle’s tyres

    Fun & Facts

    Is Lego the biggest manufacturer of tyres?

    Why are tyres black?

    Is Michelin Star the same as the tyres?

    What are tyres made of?

    How is a tyre made?