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Understanding Ford Focus Tyre Pressure

Understanding Ford Focus Tyre Pressure

Determining the correct tyre pressure for a Ford Focus can be a bit of a puzzle, given the range of models and tyre options available.

However, it’s essential for both the vehicle's performance and your safety while driving.

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Ford Focus Tyre Pressure

Ensuring your Ford Focus has the right tyre pressure isn't just another item on your maintenance checklist; it's a vital part of caring for your vehicle that affects safety, performance, and economic efficiency.

Safety Enhancement:

The primary reason for maintaining the right tyre pressure is safety.

The correct pressure helps your vehicle to maintain the best possible contact with the road. Enhancing grip and shortening braking distances.

Tyres that are not adequately inflated can reduce your control over the vehicle, particularly on wet surfaces or in emergency situations - such as heavy braking.

Fuel Efficiency:

Tyres inflated to their optimal pressure level lessen rolling resistance, which is the force resisting the tyre's motion across the ground.

If your tyres are under-inflated, your engine has to exert more effort to combat this resistance, leading to more fuel consumption.

Peak Performance:

The handling and overall driving dynamics of your Focus are greatly influenced by tyre pressure.

Tyres that are inflated correctly deliver a smooth and responsive steering feel, ensuring the vehicle performs predictively under different conditions.

Tyre Longevity:

Tyres that are either under-inflated or over-inflated tend to wear down faster and more unevenly, requiring an earlier replacement.

Keeping your tyres at the right pressure promotes uniform wear across their surface, prolonging their lifespan and saving you the cost and hassle of frequent tyre replacements.

Environmental Impact:

Maintaining proper tyre pressure also benefits the environment by optimising fuel usage and prolonging tyre life.

Better fuel economy leads to reduced CO2 emissions, while durable car tyres mean less waste and reduced demand for tyre manufacturing and recycling materials.

Regular Tyre Pressure Checks

Frequently checking the tyre pressure of your Ford tyres, especially before long journeys, is advisable.

This ensures that your tyres are in optimal condition, enhancing your vehicle's efficiency and safety.

Regular tyre checks not only safeguard your wellbeing but also contribute to saving on tyre wear and fuel costs.

List of Ford Focus Tyre Pressure

Below is a list of tyre pressures for a Ford Focus (not including Active/ST variants) - taken from the information in handbooks between 2023 and 2018*

MakeModelYearTyre SizeUnladen - Front - bar (psi)Unladen - Rear - bar (psi)Laden - Front - bar (psi)Laden Rear - bar (psi)
FordFocus2023205/60 R162.6 (38)2.6 (38)2.6 (38)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2023215/50 R172.3 (33)2.3 (33)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2023235/40 R182.3 (33)2.1 (30)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2022205/60 R16  2.6 (38)2.6 (38)2.6 (38)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2022215/50 R17  2.3 (33)2.3 (33)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2022235/40 R18  2.3 (33)2.1 (30)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2021205/60 R16  2.6 (38)2.6 (38)2.6 (38)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2021215/50 R17  2.3 (33)2.3 (33)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2021235/40 R18  2.3 (33)2.1 (30)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2020195/65 R16  2.6 (38)2.6 (38)2.6 (38)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2020205/60 R16  2.6 (38)2.6 (38)2.6 (38)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2020215/50 R17  2.3 (33)2.3 (33)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2020235/40 R18  2.3 (33)2.1 (30)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2019195/65 R16  2.6 (38)2.6 (38)2.6 (38)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2019205/60 R16  2.3 (33)2.3 (33)2.4 (35)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2019215/50 R17  2.3 (33)2.3 (33)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2019235/40 R18.2.3 (33)2.1 (30)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2018195/65 R16  2.6 (38)2.6 (38)2.6 (38)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2018205/60 R16  2.3 (33)2.3 (33)2.4 (35)3.1 (45)
FordFocus2018215/50 R172.3 (33)2.3 (33)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)
FordFocus2018235/40 R182.3 (33)2.1 (30)2.5 (36)2.8 (41)

*Disclaimer: The information provided in this table is intended for reference purposes only and should not be considered as authoritative or fact. Tyre pressures can vary based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, vehicle load, tyre condition, and environmental temperatures. We strongly recommend that you consult your vehicle's handbook or contact the manufacturer directly to obtain the official tyre pressure recommendations specific to your vehicle. We assume no responsibility for any discrepancies or inaccuracies that may be present.

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