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Prepare Your Caravan For Spring

Prepare Your Caravan For Spring

The chances are that over the harsh winter months your caravan has been hibernating. Parked up and protected from the worst of the winter weather.

Before you awake your pride and joy from its long slumber, there are several key checks you should make – in order to ensure it is ready for your next adventure.

The Green Build Up

Many caravans will develop an unsightly green covering over the winter months. Making for an unattractive look.

Luckily this can be removed with a good clean. Be it by hand or with a pressure washer.

However, err on the side of caution with a pressure washer – as this can sometimes damage protective seals.

Tyre Integrity

Once the cosmetics are out of the way, it’s time to start checking the serious stuff.

One of the key components of a caravan is its tyres. These, like with car tyres, are the only point of contact the caravan has with the road. So, it is important for your safety – and the safety of others – that you check your caravan tyres.

Give each tyre a good check-up – looking in particular at the sidewalls and the tread. Be on the look out for any signs of damage. This can come in the form of cracks, bugles or objects penetrating the tyre.

Tyre Pressure

Whilst you are focused on your caravan tyres, it would be a good time to check their air pressure.

Using a gauge, take pressure readings when the tyres are cold – i.e. they have not been driven on. Know what the optimum pressure should be by checking with your manufacturer's handbook and add air accordingly.

If the tyre pressures of a caravan are too low, this can lead to uneven wearing of the tyres. It can also affect the rolling resistance and in extreme cases cause the tyres to fail.

caravan tyres

Brake Lever

Your brake lever should also be tested, so you can ensure that the handbrake works. Make sure to release and engage the brake lever handle to check it has not seized up during inactivity. Ensure the brakes can hold the caravan on a slope.


Check that all the lights are working by couple-up to car. You can then do some quick tests to confirm that the road lights are working are you would expect.

Leisure battery

Depending on how you stored your leisure battery over winter, you may require doing differing checks. Some owners will remove the battery and bring it indoors on charge. Others may leave it I the caravan.

Regardless of how you stored it over winter though, there is one thing everyone should check and that is the resting voltage check. This should only be done once the battery has been disconnected from anything for at least two hours. A battery with a resting charge of 12.0 V or less is flat. 12.8V or greater and the battery is fully charged.

When re-connecting your battery take some time to check the connection points are clean and free of rust.

Water Filters

An old water filter can become a health hazard. So now is the time to replace your current one. Then periodically throughout the seasons.

Smoke And Gas Alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are a must have for your safety. At the start a new season take time to check your batteries are working.


It is recommended that you have your caravan serviced every year – ensuring that any issues are found and dealt with. This time of year is very popular for garage services. So, if possible, book yours in early before your next adventure.

Be Safe

Ultimately use this time to give your caravan a good check. Failing to carefully inspect and test key components can lead to unwanted and potentially dangerous surprises.

Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list of all the checks you should make. If you have any concerns over caravan safety checks please consult with an expert.

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