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Tyre Size by Registration

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Tyre Size by Reg: Frequent Asked Questions

Can you find tyre size by reg?

Yes, you can find the tyre size for your vehicle using your registration number. On Blackcircles.com, simply enter your vehicle registration number into our tyre finder tool. Our system will automatically provide the tyre size(s) that's registered with your vehicle's make and model. However, it's always a good idea to double-check the tyre size physically on your vehicle. To make sure you are ordering the correct size.

How do I find out my tyre size?

You can find your tyre size by looking directly at the sidewall of your tyre. Tyre sizes are composed of a series of numbers and letters which indicate specific aspects of the tyre. For example, a tyre size might read as 205/55 R16 91V, where each part has its specific meaning related to the tyre's dimensions and capabilities. For more information, check our tyre size guide

The alternative is to find your tyre size by reg. Simply enter your registration plate number into our search tool and we will present you with a tyre size for your vehicle. It always best to double check this against your current tyres though, to ensure you are presented with the correct tyre size for your car.

What tyres did my car come with?

The original tyres that your car came with are typically determined by the car manufacturer's recommendations and are chosen to complement the performance and handling characteristics of your vehicle. To find out the specific tyres your car was equipped with initially, you can check your vehicle's owner's manual, look for a tyre information sticker, or contact the manufacturer or dealership.

Understanding your tyre size

Understanding your tyre size is crucial for safety and performance. Here's a breakdown of what each part of the tyre size means:

Tyre Width (e.g., 205): This is the width of the tyre from sidewall to sidewall, measured in millimetres.
Aspect Ratio (e.g., 55): This number is the height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the tyre's width. A lower number indicates a lower profile tyre.
Construction Type (e.g., R): This letter indicates the tyre's construction. 'R' stands for radial, which means the layers run radially across the tyre.
Rim Diameter (e.g., 16): This number indicates the diameter of the wheel rim that the tyre can be fitted to, measured in inches.
Load Index (e.g., 91): This number corresponds to the maximum weight each tyre can support.
Speed Rating (e.g., V): This letter indicates the maximum speed capability of the tyre under specific service conditions.

For optimal performance and safety, always ensure your tyre's specifications match your vehicle's requirements and driving conditions.

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