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Edinburgh LEZ: Everything you need to know

Edinburgh LEZ: Everything you need to know

The date is May 31st, 2022, and the city of Edinburgh has just been introduced to an all-new Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

The purpose of the introduction of LEZ being present in the centre of Edinburgh was to contribute to reducing negative emissions within the capital city of Scotland.

A 2 year grace period seen motorists not being penalised for non-compliance regarding the low emission zone. However, a full enforcement of the LEZ rules took place the 1st  of  June 2024.

With full enforcement of these compliance rules being in effect, you should understand the key details of the LEZ in Edinburgh and how it may affect your driving experience and capabilities within Scotland’s capital.

What is the difference between LEZ and ULEZ?

The difference between LEZ and ULEZ is primarily the rules and regulations of both.

Low Emission Zones (LEZ) targets older and more polluting vehicles, whereas ULEZ imposes stricter restrictions regarding vehicles that pollute Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

Within the UK, ULEZ is only located in boroughs across London, with no further plans of ULEZ expansions throughout the country anytime soon.

Where are LEZ zones located?

Throughout the UK, there are numerous cities with LEZ zones that are either fully enforced or have been introduced with plans of full enforcement commencing a later date.

Fully enforced Clean Air Zones are located in:

Fully enforced Low Emission Zones are located in:

Where is LEZ located in Edinburgh?

In Edinburgh, LEZ is primarily located within the city centre. The zone circles the city centre of Edinburgh within a 1.2 square mile area.

If you are driving a non-LEZ compliant vehicle outside the thresholding area, there will be no charge as not every location in Edinburgh is a LEZ area.

Image credit: Edinburgh City Council

Is my vehicle LEZ compliant?

To check if your vehicle is LEZ compliant, consult one the following websites by entering your registration:




What is the charge for LEZ non-compliance?

Since June 1st, 2024, Edinburgh motorists are having to drive a LEZ compliant vehicle within the vicinity of the zone to avoid getting charged. This means drivers using non-compliant vehicles will receive a charge. Charges for certain vehicle types will differ.

Non-compliant cars, vans, and special purpose vehicles:

Non-compliant minibuses, buses / coaches, and heavy goods vehicles:

LEZ exemptions

The following vehicles, according to Edinburgh City Council, are exempt from any LEZ charges:

Will LEZ be scrapped?

As of right now, Low Emission Zones across the UK are here to stay, with no current plans to abolish them in the cities they are located in.

A great way to avoid any charges or confusion of your car being compliant or not is switching to electric vehicles/plug-hybrid vehicles, as these cars are a safe option in being compliant to the LEZ rules.

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