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Continental SportContact 7

Find out about the SportContact 7. An ultra high performance tyre - that will deliver confidence, safety and stability on both wet and dry roads.

SportContact 7

Looking for a caravan and motorhome tyre?

Blackcircles.com stocks a great range of tyres suitable for caravans and motorhomes from several leading brands.

When to change your caravan or motorhome tyres?

Experts from within the tyre and caravan industry agree that once a tyre 6 years old, the rubber compound will have degraded to the point that they become weak and potentially dangerous.

How do I find the age of my caravan or motorhome tyre?

On the sidewall of each caravan tyre the age of the tyre is represented in the DOT code. This is a series of numbers, of which the 4 last digits represent the age of the tyre.

In the same way as your car, the tyres on your caravan are extremely important in keeping you safe on the roads. As your caravan is used less often than your car, it may be easy to forget to carry out the safety checks on the tyres.

Before setting off on any journey in your caravan or motorhome, check the three most essential areas of your tyre; tyre pressure, tread depth and the overall condition.

Popular Caravan and Motorhome Tyres

We know that it is important to choose the right tyre for your caravan or motorhome.
To ensure that there is a choice for all types of motorists Blackcircles.com stocks a vast array of different tyres to suit your vehicle.

Our customers have left over 227895 tyre reviews

Here are a selection of their favourite tyre for caravan and motorhomes

Continental Vanco Camper

A tyre designed for overall performance to ensure a safe and pleasant holiday with the camper van.

  • // Designed for use on motorhomes.
  • // Excellent wet weather braking performance
  • // Improved resistance to aquaplaning.
  • // Most popular size ordered - 215/70 R15
Continental Vanco Camper

Michelin Agilis Camping Green X

A luxury Highway tyre for motor homes and recreational vehicles where ride quality, handling stability and low noise are essential.

  • // A luxury tyre for motorhomes
  • // Impressive performance under heavy loads
  • // Increased longevity
  • // Most popular size ordered - 215/70 R15
Michelin Agilis Camper

Pirelli Carrier Camper

The Pirelli Carrier Camper is a van tyre, developed to provide motorists with excellent mileage and rolling resistance.

  • // Improved aquaplaning resistance
  • // Short braking distances in wet weather
  • // Improved mileage
  • // Most popular size ordered - 215/70 R15
Pirelli Carrier Camper

Hankook Vantra LT

The Hankook Vantra LT RA18 is a summer van tyre designed to provide you with a reliable and stable performance - even when carrying heavy loads.

  • // Reliable and stable with heavy loads
  • // Exceptionally durable
  • // Impressive mileage
  • // Most popular size ordered - 235/65 R16
Hankook Ventra RA18

Caravan Tyres: Frequent Asked Questions

How much do caravan tyres cost?

Starting from around £40, the cost of caravan tyres can vary depending on the brand, size, and load rating.

It's important to invest in good quality tyres to ensure safety and avoid any potential accidents on the road.

Are caravan tyres different to car tyres?

Yes, caravan tyres are different to car tyres.

Caravan tyres are designed to carry heavier loads and have a higher load rating than car tyres. They also have a stiffer sidewall to support the weight of the caravan.

Can you put car tyres on a caravan?

It is not recommended to put car tyres on a caravan.

Car tyres are not designed to carry the heavier loads that a caravan places on them. Using car tyres on a caravan could result in tyre failure and potential accidents on the road.

How long do caravan tyres last?

The lifespan of caravan tyres can vary depending on factors such as usage, storage conditions, and the quality of the tyres.

It's important to regularly check the condition of your tyres and replace them if they show signs of wear and tear.

What pressure / PSI should caravan tyres be?

The recommended pressure for caravan tyres can vary depending on the weight of the caravan and the load rating of the tyres. The recommended pressure can usually be found in the caravan's handbook or on a sticker located near the tyre.

What is the law on caravan tyres?

The law requires that caravan tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre and around its entire circumference.

It's also important to ensure that the tyres have the correct load rating for the weight of the caravan.

Do caravan tyres need balancing?

Yes, it is recommended that caravan tyres be balanced to ensure smooth and even wear. Unbalanced tyres can cause vibration and potentially damage the suspension system of the caravan.

How to check caravan tyre age?

You can check the age of caravan tyres by looking at the DOT code on the tyre.

The DOT code is a four-digit number that indicates the week and year the tyre was manufactured. For example, a DOT code of 2717 means the tyre was manufactured in the 27th week of 2017.

How to change a caravan tyre?

To change a caravan tyre, you will need a jack, a wrench, and a spare tyre.

First, make sure the caravan is on level ground and use the wrench to loosen the nuts on the wheel. Then, use the jack to lift the caravan and remove the nuts and wheel.

Replace the wheel with the spare tyre and tighten the nuts. Lower the caravan back down and tighten the nuts again.

Finally, make sure the spare tyre is inflated to the recommended pressure.