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New hidden speed cameras could roll out soon

New hidden speed cameras could roll out soon

A new generation of ‘stealth’ speed camera vans could soon appear on the UK’s roads. 

Unlike the police vans we are accustomed to, these new vehicles have been designed to be more inconspicuous, making them harder for drivers to detect.

Speeding & Accidents

Speeding is a major contributor to road accidents and fatalities, and authorities are optimistic that initiatives like this can help reduce these numbers. 

The scheme is currently undergoing testing by the Northamptonshire Police, and if it proves to be a success, these unmarked vans may soon be introduced throughout the UK.

The plan involves giving the existing fleet of police-marked speed vans a makeover by wrapping them in a matte grey colour - a striking departure from the vibrant orange and yellow markings we are accustomed to. 

Do Police Need To Declare Speed Cameras?

It is worth noting that local officers and councils are not legally required to inform drivers about the presence of upcoming speed cameras. This grants police departments the flexibility to adopt these new tactics.

The purpose behind the use of grey vans is to discourage drivers from simply slowing down when they spot a police van, only to resume speeding once it disappears from view. 

This behaviour can also have an effect on your car tyres. Increasing and decreasing speeds excssivley can lead to an increase in tyre wear.

By employing this covert approach, authorities hope to cultivate more responsible driving habits.

Road Angel, a leading car-tech company, has expressed support for this initiative, believing that it could have a positive impact on driver behaviour. 

However, the company advises motorists to assume that any van on the road may carry a speed camera. They advocate for a cautious approach to avoid fines and ensure safety.

Other Traffic Control Schemes

In addition to the introduction of undercover speed camera vans, the government has been exploring other measures to address the issue of speeding. 

They have recently announced an app that transforms every car into a speed camera, further emphasising the growing concern. 

On top of this, trial are underway to implement road noise cameras capable of identifying and tracking drivers who violate the law by excessively revving their engines or using modified exhausts.

The initial areas selected for this new scheme are Bradford, South Gloucestershire, Great Yarmouth, and Birmingham.

Together, these initiatives aim to create safer road conditions and raise awareness about the risks associated with speeding.

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