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Joining a Caravan & Motorhome Club

Joining a Caravan & Motorhome Club

Caravan & motorhome clubs have been a staple in British culture for way over a century. Since the inception of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) in the early 19th century, many RV lovers across the country have made a point of having a caravan & motorhome membership.

Joining a caravan & motorhome club gives a sense of community and life experiences for people that have a passion for travel, comfort, and socialising.

Ranging from retirees to families, the demographic of caravan & motorhome club enthusiasts is wide, meaning there is great importance to knowing what to look for if you are interested in joining one yourself.

Remember and always research and compare different clubs – there is always going to be a specific club that aligns with your passions, budget, travel, and more. We are here today to outline the most important factors to look for.


The location of a caravan & motorhome club is essential when looking for club memberships.

Always try and find a location that suits your personal preferences – look out for the environment and culture of the home.

But the culture is not the only factor with the surroundings of the club, where the club is located is a very important detail in finding the perfect motorhome. Where the club is located can make or break whether you are interested in joining or not – perhaps you would like the club to be close to your house, or somewhere you can go for long drives in your RV.

Whether it be online, or an in-person visit, observe your surroundings, and make sure you know that the location is perfect with what you are looking for in a caravan & motorhome club.

Facilities & Security

We just touched upon the location of where your potential club may be and its surroundings, which ties in with what facilities your potential caravan & motorhome club possess.

The club should have all the basic facilities, such as fresh water, place to wash your clothes, and Wi-Fi/connectivity. Having a shop within or nearby the club is another key facility – a place to get fresh local food and beverages close to your motorhome will enhance your experience tenfold.

Security should be top priority when looking for a motorhome & caravan club to join. Clubs should have CCTV surveillance operating at all times, along with some clubs having the club be a gated entry, to monitor and deter unauthorised entry.


Clubs frequently organize rallies, which are gatherings of members at designated camping spots. These events can range from small, informal meetups to large, organized events with various activities and entertainment.


The community and feeling of belonging can be created through club events.

If you have joined an RV club, you will more than likely share the same interests, passions, and personality with many of your fellow club members.

Given you will be staying amongst the caravan & motorhome club community, knowing the population of the club around you either before becoming a member or during your time as a member can boost your enjoyment at the club.

Cost & Budget

Your budget will need to be taken into consideration, as it does most of the time when you are planning on spending your hard-earned money.

Make sure your RV club fits your budget and is value for money – facilities such as the ones mentioned above should be aligned with how much a club is charging you for a membership. If the cost for the specific club is on the premium side, you should be looking at the facilities and making up your mind on if it’s worth spending the extra money on.

Some clubs will charge you per night, monthly, or yearly.

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