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Special Edition evo Tyre Test - with Blackcircles.com

Special Edition evo Tyre Test - with Blackcircles.com

Car magazine, evo have recently published the results of a special edition tyre test. This test was orchestrated to find out if the bold claims made Continental at the launch of the new Continental SportContact 7 were on the ball.

To discover how the new Continental compared against the best in class, they took the SportContact 7, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S ( previously a winner of their 2020 tyre test) and the new Bridgestone Potenza Sport (which took 3rd spot in 2021) and put them all through their usual tyre test programme.

The Test Tyres

Each tyre in the test was sourced in the size 265/35 R20 Y (99) - with the following being noted in the image below:

The Test Car

In their annual evo tyre test, a common tyre size is normally selected - with the car being used often being a front-drive hatchback.

However, for this special edition test, given the nature of the UHP tyres, evo decided to run the test on 20-inch tyre - allowing them to really put the tyres through their paces on a powerful, rear-drive car.

For this test, they settled on a Ford Mustang GT. This car weighs just under 1700kg and in 21MY US spec its 5-litre V8 develops 460bhp and 420lb ft of torque.

The Test Criteria

As part of the test evo magazine assessed the following aspects of performance in each tyre:

The Tyre Test Results

3rd Bridgestone 92.6

Evo's comments: "A strong performance by the Potenza Sport, third place reflecting only that rival Continental has set new standards. The Bridgestone topped the aquaplaning tables and showed little in the way of weaknesses. It lacks only some noise refinement."

Blackcircles says… "Since its 2021 launch, this model has received high ratings – with an overall score of 4.8/5 from Blackcircles.com customers. Reviews praise the overall performance, especially its grip and balance in dry conditions."

2nd Michelin 94.4

Evo's comments: "A great tyre that delivers solid results in all the disciplines, the Pilot Sport 4 S also sets the standard in feel thanks to great steering connection and an innate adjustability. It lags a little in wet performance, but its replacement is imminent."

Blackcircles says… "This tyre is consistently a firm favourite with Blackcircles.com customers – more than 2700 reviews have given it an overall score of 4.7/5. Customers frequently praise the tyre’s handling, comfort and durability."

1st Continental 98.4

Evo's comments: "A very impressive performance by the SportContact 7, which came close to a clean sweep. It nailed all the big tests – wet and dry handling and wet and dry braking – and wasn’t far off the pace in the others. Fit a set and instantly improve your car’s performance."

Blackcircles says… "Successor to the popular SportContact 6 – which over 220 Blackcircles.com customers have rated 4.6/5 overall – this new tyre seems destined to build upon its predecessor’s strong reputation for performance."

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