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Blackcircles introduces Kleber Tyres

Blackcircles introduces Kleber Tyres

Blackcircles.com are proud to introduce Kleber to the UK for the first time. The French manufacturer, founded in 1910 in Paris, has a strong history in the development of tyres.

In 1951 Kleber the revolutionised the tyre industry by creating the first tyre to incorporate an inner tube. Ever since, they have been striving to improve their tyres, focusing on safety, durability and elegance.

Kleber’s current line-up in the UK consists of four tyres;


Designed for SUV’s, the Citilander is an all-season tyre with a strong casing structure built to withstand multiple urban terrains. Using a distinctive tread pattern, Kleber have been able to reduce uneven wear while improving handling and wet grip. This tyre has also been awarded Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake marking as well as the Mud and Snow marking to highlight how well it performs all year round.

Dynaxer HP4

The Dynaxer HP4 has been designed by Kleber to provide an outstanding fuel-efficient performance, having been constructed with the Kleber specific autoblocking sculpture technology. This technology has been designed to reduce fuel consumption as well as extending the lifespan of the Dynaxer HP4.

Dynaxer UHP

The Dynaxer UHP tyre has been designed by Kleber to deliver exceptional performance in both high speeds and wet weather. Designed with a special tread pattern with two large longitudinal grooved in the centre of the tyre, the Dynaxer UHP has the ability to get rid of water swiftly – significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning and increasing the safety in wet weather conditions.

Quadraxer 2

With a V-shaped directional tread pattern, the Quadraxer 2 performs well in all weathers. Kleber have carefully designed the Quadraxer 2 to deliver outstanding braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. According to Kleber, the Quadraxer 2 braking distance is reduced by 1.6m in wet conditions and 3.5m in dry conditions. Designed with multiple sipes organised into a V-shape formation on the tread, water can pass through easier and quicker – reducing the chances of aquaplaning.

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