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The Future of Electric Vehicle Tyres

The Future of Electric Vehicle Tyres

The following article is a piece created by Bridgestone Tyres - looking at their views on the future of Electric Vehicles and more specifically Electric Vehicle Tyres. 

With the cost of living increasing and concerns for the environment at an all-time high, more motorists than ever before are choosing to invest in electric vehicles (EVs).

According to recent statistics, more EVs were purchased in March 2022 than in the whole of 2019, with 39,315 new battery electric vehicle registrations compared to 37,850 in 2019.

Electric Car

And the number of EVs on the road is set to grow further, a survey commissioned by tyre giant Bridgestone revealed that 67% of motorists plan to switch, the main deciding factor being the increasing cost of petrol and diesel.

Why are more people choosing electric vehicles?

 The rise in electric cars is due to a number of factors, including:

Do you need special tyres for electric cars?

Electric cars must be fitted with tyres that have been developed specifically for EVs.

In fact, fitting the wrong type of tyres on an electric vehicle can lead to loss of range, extra noise, accelerated wear, and even the risk of tyres failing whilst being driven.

Increased weight of the vehicle also increases tyre tread wear, while instant torque puts more pressure on the tyre tread during acceleration.

Electric car tyres differ from traditional car tyres in a number of ways.

EV Vehicle

Withstand more weight

Firstly, EV tyres are designed to withstand more weight.

Due to their battery packs, electric vehicles are heavier than traditional vehicles. As a result, electric car tyres must be able to perform well under increased weight, minimising braking distance and offering responsive handling.

Extend driving range  

Electric vehicle tyres are designed to optimise the driving range.

This is achieved by enhancing the aerodynamics of the sidewall while adapting the structure used to manufacture the tyre.

Reduce road noise

Electric vehicles are much quieter than traditional vehicles, meaning the noise generated by their tyres is a lot more noticeable.

As a result, tyres for EVs are designed to reduce noise as much as possible.

Bridgestone electric vehicle tyres

As a result of the growing EV market, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, Bridgestone, has decided to shift its focus to the electric vehicle market and plans to have EV tyres accounting for 90% of its tyre sales by 2030.

Bridgestone has already developed a growing number of original tyre fitments specifically for EVs.

These electric car tyres are engineered with optimised contact pressure for better performance and traction in wet conditions, while a custom pattern design ensures optimal wear performance and new 3D sipes technology reduces rolling resistance. 

Off Road EV

The company has developed its TECHSYN tyre technology to ensure that EVs can travel further between charges, while prolonging battery life, and extending the designed lifespan by up to 30%.

This ultimately results in a tyre that needs to be changed less frequently, reducing the consumption of raw materials in the long term.

In addition to this, Bridgestone’s Enliten tyres allow passenger products to be reduced in weight by 10% on average, compared to a standard premium summer touring tyre.

This reduces rolling resistance, allowing electric vehicles to do more miles per range and be recharged less frequently.

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