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Looking for a Run Flat tyre?

Run Flat tyres are designed specifically for the purpose of remaining functional, for a limited amount of time, with no air pressure in the tyre.

What this means is that should you suffer a puncture whilst driving, the tyre will still be usable for around fifty miles. This gives you time to drive the car home, or to a nearby garage.

One key safety component required when using Run flat tyres is a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

With the TPMS, an alert is displayed on your console - letting you know that your vehicle has suffered a puncture and that you will need to replace the tyre as soon as possible.

To find the perfect run flat tyre for you, use our vehicle reg or tyre size search. Once you get to the search results page, you can refine the results to run flat as seen in the images below.

Where to find the runflat filter on a mobile

Garage search results

Where to find the runflat filter on a desktop

Garage search results