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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > Can I change my run flat tyres back to normal tyres

Can I change my run flat tyres back to normal tyres?

It is possible to replace run flat tyres with conventional tyres as long as the new tyres meet the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.

However, it's important to note that run-flat tyres are designed to maintain a vehicle's safety and control for a limited distance, even after a puncture, without relying on air pressure.

They have a thicker and more reinforced sidewalls to support the weight of the vehicle and passengers.

Drivers considering replacing their run flat tyres with conventional tyres should keep in mind that their vehicle may not be equipped with emergency mobility equipment - such as a spare tyre or hand jack.

Additionally, the replacement of run-flat tyres with conventional ones may affect other areas of your cars system - like the TPMS and internal programming.

To ensure safety and performance, drivers should choose conventional tyres that meet the size, speed rating, load capacity, and inflation pressure requirements specified by the vehicle manufacturer.