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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > Why are tyres black?

Why are tyres black?

Tyres are black because carbon black is used in the construction as a reinforcing filler.

It is commonly used in the production of tyres and other rubber products due to its excellent reinforcing properties.

Why is carbon black used in tyres?

Carbon black is used in tyres because it helps to reinforce the rubber - making it stronger and more durable.

It also helps to improve the resistance of the tyre to abrasion, which is important as tyres are constantly in contact with the road.

Why are there no coloured tyres?

Although it is possible to produce coloured tyres, black is the most common colour used.

Firstly due to the fact that carbon black is an essential component of tyre production, this is what gives the tyre its characteristic black colour.

Black is also a practical colour. As it doesn't show up dirt or scuff marks as easily.

What colour were tyres originally?

The first tyres were an off-white colour. This was due to the fact that natural rubber used in their production without carbon black.

As tyre production became industrialised, manufacturers introduced carbon black the compound to improve the performance.