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Are tyres wheels?

No, tyres are not wheels. While they are both a part of a vehicle's structure, they do serve very different purposes.

When we talk about the wheel, we are referring to the circular metal component, that attaches to the car's axle. The tyre is what is attached to this and is what makes contact with the road. Providing traction and grip - while the wheel is responsible for holding the tyre in place.

Sometimes in informal everyday language the two words can be used interchangeably by people – leading to some confusion at times.

What is the difference between tyres and wheels?

The primary difference between tyres and wheels lies in their function.

The wheel is a metal component that attaches to the car's axle and provides a structural base for the tyre to be fitted.

The tyre, on the other hand, is a rubber material that fits around the wheel and makes contact with the road.

Its purpose is to provide traction and grip, protect the wheel from damage and absorb shocks caused by road imperfections.