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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > Are retreaded tyres legal in the UK?

Are retreaded tyres legal in the UK?

Yes, retreaded tyres are legal in the UK, Retreaded tyres in the UK are legal, as long as they comply with strict regulations and are properly labelled.

Retreaded tyres have been re-used by replacing the worn tread with a new one.

However, given the potential safety risks of using retreaded tyres, those sold must meet certain safety standards before being used on the road.

Are remoulded tyres legal in the UK?

Remoulded tyres is another term for retreaded tyres. Referring to the fact that an old tyre has had the previous tread removed and then has been placed in a mould to create a new tread pattern. Hence, remoulded. This practise is legal, as long as strict criteria is followed and the tyres are tested to the correct standard for sale.

Due to the nature of retreaded & remoulded tyres, including the potential risks, Blackcircles.com does not sell retreaded tyres. We only sell new tyres.