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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > What causes issues with my tyres?

What causes issues with my tyres?

What causes a blowout of tyre?

A blowout can be caused by several factors, including underinflation, overloading, damage to the tyre and poor road conditions (i.e. potholes).

What causes a bulge in the tyre?

A bulge in the tyre can be the result of hitting a large pothole or curbing the tyre. Other possibilities include overloading the vehicle - or receiving damage to the tyre from a sharp object.

What causes a tyre to burst?

A tyre can burst due to overinflation, impact damage, or continued use beyond its recommended lifespan.

What causes a tyre to crack?

Cracks in a tyre are often the sign of extreme exposure to sunlight and heat. Underinflation and general ageing of the tyre’s material also plays a factor.

What causes excessive tyre wear?

Excessive tyre wear is a sign that the tyres have been driven on for a long period of time with incorrect air pressure – be that overinflation or underinflation. Other causes can include misalignment of the wheels, a person’s driving style, or poor road conditions.

What causes feathering on tyres?

Feathering, where the tread blocks on the tyre appear to have a rounded edge on one side and a sharp edge on the other, is a sign of misalignment and/or worn-out suspension.

What causes flat spots on tyres?

Flat spots can be caused by prolonged parking or storage of the vehicle in the same position or aggressive emergency braking.

What causes inner wear and tear?

Inner wear and tear, where the inside of the tyre tread appears more worn than the outside, can be caused by wheel misalignment or worn suspension components.

What causes misshapen tyres?

A misshapen tyre can be caused by impact damage, underinflation, or manufacturing defects.

What causes perished tyres?

Tyres can become perished, or hardened and cracked, due to exposure to direct heat, or from extended periods of inactivity.

What causes sawtooth tyre wear?

Sawtooth tyre wear, where the tread blocks on the tyre have a pattern resembling the teeth of a saw blade, can be caused by misalignment, or worn suspension components.

What causes scalloped tyres?

Scalloped tyre wear, where the tyre tread has a pattern of raised and lowered areas, can be caused by running the tyres with incorrect air pressure.

What causes tyre separation?

Tyre separation, where the tread and belt of the tyre separate from each other, can be caused by manufacturing defects, significant levels of overloading, or prolonged underinflation.

What causes tyre sidewall damage?

Damage to the tyre sidewall is normally the sign of impact damage. On rare occasions it can also be down to the improper mounting and fitting of the tyre.

What causes my tyres to squeal?

Tyres can squeal during cornering or braking due to hard acceleration or abrupt changes in direction.