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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > Do car tyres have inner tubes?

Do car tyres have inner tubes?

No, car tyres do not have inner tubes.

Around 100 years ago, almost all car tyres were made with inner tubes. The inner tube would be placed inside the tyre and inflated to maintain its shape and allow the tyre to grip the rim of the wheel.

Modern car tyres are now tubeless.

Certain types of off-road vehicles, vintage cars, and some agricultural vehicles may still make use of inner tubed tyres, but it is rare in this day and age.

What are tubeless tyres?

Tubeless tyres, are a type of tyre that do not require an inner tube to hold the air pressure. Instead, they rely on a sealed rim and a specially designed tyre bead that creates an airtight seal. This design eliminates the need for an inner tube, which can be punctured or damaged and cause the tyre to lose air.