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What are tyres made of?

In general, modern-day tyres tyres are made up of a combination of around 30 different components.

The key ingredients of a tyre include rubber, antioxidants, textiles and steel.


Rubber is the primary component in the production of tyres. Most tyres are made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber. Rubber delivers both elasticity and slip resistance, making it a crucial ingredient in the manufacturing of tyres.


Antioxidants are added to the tyre's composition to prevent the harmful effects of oxygen exposure.


Textiles - such as rayon, nylon, and polyester - are used to reinforce the tyre and increase its overall strength.

These fabrics form the plies that make up the skeleton of the tyre, enhancing the elasticity.


Steel is incorporated into the tyre's construction to create belts and beads. These add stiffness to the tyre and help to lock it to the vehicle’s wheel.