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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > What are tyre dust caps?

What are tyre dust caps?

Tyre dust caps, also known as valve caps or tyre valve caps, are small covers that screw onto the valve stems of tyres on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, and are usually made of plastic, metal, or rubber.

What are tyre dust caps used for?

They keep out dirt, dust, and other debris that could clog the valve stem. They also protect the valve core from damage. If damaged the tyre pressure could be affected. They also provide a small aesthetic touch, allowing vehicle owners to add a pop of colour or individual style to their tyres, if they desire.

Do dust caps stop air coming out of the tyre?

No, dust caps do not stop air from coming out of the tyre directly. In fact, they have no impact on the tyre pressure or the air flow in and out of the valve stem. Their primary function is to protect the valve stem and core from dirt and damage.

What are headlight dust caps?

Headlight dust caps, sometimes referred to as headlamp dust covers, are small covers placed over the back of the headlight assembly on vehicles.

What are headlight dust caps used for?

Headlight dust caps help to keep out dirt, dust, and other debris. Stopping your headlights from getting dirty on the inside. They also offer protection to the back of the headlight assembly. The dust caps also help to lower the chances of condensation building up inside the headlight. Which could cause fogging and reduce visibility.