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Help > Tyres > How do I know if my tyres are Run Flat tyres?

How do I know if my tyres are Run Flat tyres?

You will be able to check whether your current tyres are Run Flat tyres by checking the sidewall.

Unfortunately there is no industry standard code to represent this and different manufacturers use different symbols or letters. These are as follows:

Continental Run Flat Tyres – SSR
Dunlop Run Flat Tyres – DSST or ROF
Goodyear Run Flat Tyres – ROF or EMT
Bridgestone Run Flat Tyres - ROF or RFT or RSC
Michelin Run Flat Tyres – ZP
Hankook Run Flat Tyres – tyres will be marked with HRS or have B at the end of the product number (e.g. K115B)
Pirelli Run Flat Tyres – RSC
Yokohama Run Flat Tyres – ZPS