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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > Can you claim for slashed tyres

Can you claim for slashed tyres?

Yes, you can typically claim for a slashed tyre if it was caused by vandalism or a criminal act.

Make sure to check your insurance policy to see if you're covered for this type of damage. Some policies may have exclusions or limits on such claims.

Can you claim for 3 slashed tyres?

Yes, you may be able to claim on your insurance for three slashed tyres. Particularly if all three were damaged in the same incident.

However, it's important to check your insurance policy to see what your coverage limits are for this type of damage.

What does a slashed tyre look like?

A slashed tyre may have visible cuts or puncture marks on the sidewall or on the tread wear.

The cuts may vary between shallow and deep - and the tyre may be deflated or losing air.

If you believe that your tyre(s) has been slashed, it's important to inspect it carefully and take pictures to document the damage.

Replace slashed tyres

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