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Tyres > Help > Tyre Help >How do winter tyres work and how to identify them

How do winter tyres work and how to identify them

How do winter tyres work?

Winter tyres are designed to perform better in cold and snowy conditions. They have a different tread pattern and rubber compound than regular tyres, which makes them more suitable for driving on icy and wet surfaces.

The tread pattern on winter tyres is deeper and wider than on regular tyres. This helps the tyres to grip the road better and evacuate water and snow from the contact area. The rubber compound used in winter tyres is also different, and it remains flexible even in very cold temperatures. This means that the tyres can conform to the road surface better, providing better traction and grip.

Winter tyres also have small slits in the tread blocks, called sipes, which further enhance their performance in snow and ice. The sipes help the tyre to grip the road surface better and maintain contact with the road even on slippery surfaces.

How to identify if I have winter tyres?

Winter tyres are marked with a symbol of a snowflake inside a mountain peak. This symbol indicates that the tyre is a winter tyre and has been specifically designed for use in cold and snowy conditions.

You can also check the sidewall of the tyre for markings such as M+S or M&S. These markings indicate that the tyre is suitable for use in mud and snow.