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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > What are energy saving tyres and are they worth it?

What are energy saving tyres and are they worth it?

Energy saving tyres have been designed to reduce the amount of energy required for a vehicle to move. This in turn improving fuel efficiency and helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Are energy saving tyres worth it?

Yes, many would say that energy saving tyres are considered to be worth the investment.

They can be slightly more expensive, however there is potential for savings in reduced fuel consumption. On top of this CO2 emissions can be significantly cut over the life of the tyre as less fuel is required for a vehicle.

How much difference do fuel efficient tyres make?

The amount of difference fuel efficient tyres make can vary, but generally, they can improve fuel efficiency by up to 7%. This translates to a reduction of CO2 emissions by around 4 grams per kilometre, which can make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of driving.

Why are energy saving tyres effective?

Energy saving tyres are effective as they are capable of reducing the levels of energy required to move a vehicle. This in turn improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and reduces CO2 emissions. Through the use of low rolling resistance materials, they are able to decrease the friction between the tyre and the road - allowing the vehicle to move more easily.