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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > How to use tyre puncture repair kit?

How to use tyre puncture repair kit?

To properly use the tyre repair sealant and compressor for puncture repair, read the instructions of your specific kit. For a general overview of how most work, see these steps:

1. Read instructions: Before starting, carefully read the sealant container or vehicle handbook instructions.

2. Position wheel: Rotate wheel to place puncture on top. If feasible, have valve be as high as possible.

3. Connect sealant: Attach the sealant container to the tyre valve, and insert the sealant. For "all-in-one" cans, the sealant will be pushed in as the tyre re-inflates.

4. Connect compressor: Depending on the system used, attach the compressor to the sealant container while connected to the valve, or remove the container and connect the compressor directly to the valve.

5. Inflate tyre: Plug the compressor into the 12V accessory socket, and inflate the tyre to the correct pressure specified in the handbook, using the compressor's integrated gauge or meter.

Please be aware: some kits may vary. To make sure you are using your specific on, follow any instructions as printed on your kit. This is a general guide only.