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Tyres > Help > Tyres Help > Can I mix tyre tread patterns?

Can I mix tyre tread patterns?

The general recommendation is to fit the same tyre tread pattern style across all four wheels of a vehicle - this can provide you with more uniformed handling and grip on the road. However, it is sometimes possible to mix tread patterns. But tyres across the axle should match in pairs – to get the best from the tyres.

Advantages of Matching Tyre Tread Patterns

Matching the same tyre tread pattern on all four wheels can help to improve the vehicle's handling and stability – this is particularly true when you are driving in wet or slippery conditions.

Disadvantages of Mixing Tyre Tread Patterns

Different tread patterns may have different levels of grip and performance, so mixing them on the same vehicle could cause an imbalance in the handling and stability of the vehicle.

On top of this, mixing tread patterns can also affect the wear on the tyres, as different tread patterns may have different levels of wear resistance. This can lead to an inconsistency in the level of wear rate and affect the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Can Mixing Tyre Tread Patterns be Beneficial?

There are some instances where mixing tyre tread patterns on the same vehicle can work to your advantage. Some vehicles may benefit from having a more aggressive tread pattern on the rear tyres for improved grip and traction when driving in wet conditions.

However, it is important to check with the vehicle manufacturer before fitting different tyre tread patterns, as some vehicles may not be suitable for this.