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What tyres last the longest UK?

Factors Affecting Tyre Lifespan

Factors affecting tyre lifespan include driving habits, vehicle type, and road conditions. Heavy braking, fast acceleration, and sharp turns can wear tyres down quickly. Rough or uneven roads can cause uneven wear, which reduces lifespan.

Choose a tyre based on your specific needs and driving conditions. For example, wet or icy roads require excellent wet weather performance. Highway driving benefits from tyres with good fuel efficiency.

Proper Tyre Maintenance

To extend tyre lifespan, maintain them properly. Regularly check tyre pressure, rotate tyres, and avoid overloading your vehicle. Inflate tyres to the recommended level, found in the vehicle manual or on a sticker inside the driver's side door. Rotating tyres evens out wear and prolongs lifespan. Overloading the vehicle adds stress and reduces tyre lifespan.