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How does TPMS work?

What is TPMS

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are an electronic system that measures the air pressure inside the tyres of a vehicle. They can alert a driver when the air pressure drops below a certain level. There are two types of TPMS: direct and indirect.

Direct TPMS

These use sensors inside each tyre to measure the air pressure and temperature, and then transmit data to the vehicle's onboard computer. The driver can often read this data via their dashboard when driving.

Indirect TPMS

Slightly different, these use the wheel speed sensors that are already installed on the vehicle to determine if one or more tyres are underinflated, based on the difference in rotational speed between the tyres. If the tyre pressure drop, an alert is displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Are TPMS sensors universal?

No, TPMS sensors are not universal. There are different types of TPMS sensors that vary in size, shape, and frequency.

Different vehicle manufacturers may use different types of sensors - so it is important to use the correct TPMS sensor for your vehicle.

Can I turn off TPMS?

It is not recommended to turn off your vehicle’s tyre pressure monitoring system.

The TPMS is an important safety feature which helps to reduce the number of accidents caused by underinflated tyres.

Do you need special valve caps for TPMS?

Yes, TPMS sensors require special valve stems and valve caps that are designed to work with the sensors.

These valve stems and caps are typically made of metal or rubber and have a specific shape and size to fit the sensors.

How are TPMS sensors powered?

Direct TPMS sensors are powered by a small battery that is built into the sensor itself. The battery is designed to last for several years, depending on the manufacturer and usage.

Indirect TPMS sensors do not require a battery, as they use existing wheel speed sensors to determine tyre pressure.