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Dodge is an American automobile brand that was founded in 1900. The company is one of the oldest car brands in the world which are known for their range of SUVs and trucks.

Over the years, Dodge has produced a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs. Some of Dodge's most popular vehicle models include the Charger, Challenger, Durango, and the standalone brand RAM's range of pickup trucks. Due to low demand, Dodge exited the UK market - however in 2018, the brand re-entered the UK.

Frequent Asked Questions

What brand of tyres do Dodge use?

Over the years, Chrysler have used different brands of tyres to originally fit their vehicles. These tyre brands will range from premium brand such as Michelin and Continental, to mid-range brands such as Yokohama and Hankook.

What size are Dodge tyres?

The size of Dodge tyres will vary based on car models. To check your specific model's available tyre size, enter your registration online.

Are Dodge tyres run flat?

In some cases, Dodge will have run flat tyres as original equipment (OE). This will depend on the model chosen by Dodge to be fitted with run flat tyres. If you are unsure on your specific Dodge model being fitted with run flat tyres, check your vehicle handbook. Also, if searching for new tyres for your Dodge, we recommend to enter your vehicle registration on our website homepage, where tyre models and sizes will be displayed for your specific Dodge model.

What should the tyre pressure be on my Dodge?

Dodge vehicles have different tyre pressure requirements based on their model and tyre size. Refer to the owner's manual or the label on the door jamb for the specific pressure recommendation.

How do I reset the TPMS on a Dodge?

To reset the TPMS on your Dodge, start by verifying that your tyres are inflated to the recommended level. Locate the TPMS reset button, usually positioned below the steering wheel. Alternatively you may be able to access the reset option through the vehicle's onboard system, available in the car's settings. Press and hold the reset button or select the reset option in the system. Wait for a confirmation message to appear to ensure the TPMS reset is complete. For detailed instructions specific to your Dodge model, consult your vehicle's handbook.

How much do Dodge tyres cost?

Dodge is an American brand known for its muscle cars and performance vehicles. When looking for new tyres most can expect to range from mid-range to premium, depending on the tyre make/model, size, and performance features.

Is it Dodge tyres or tires?

Both "Dodge tyres" and "Dodge tires" are acceptable spellings of the search term, with the usage varying depending on the country. In the United States, the term "Dodge tires" is more commonly used, whereas in the UK, "tyres" is the prevailing spelling.