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Aston Martin is a British independent manufacturer, best known for their range of luxury sports cars and grand tourers.

Founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford in 1913, it branched into the expensive grand touring field of cars in 1947. Aston Martin are highly recognised for being the primary cars for the royal family and featuring in the 1964 James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’.

Frequent Asked Questions

What brand of tyres do Aston Martin use?

The tyres that Aston Martin use will vary depending on car make and model fitments. Aston Martin originally equip many tyre models, such as the Bridgestone Potenza S007, Pirelli P Zero and the Bridgestone Potenza RE050A.

What size are Aston Martin tyres?

An Aston Martin's tyre size will differ between car and tyre models. Over the years, Aston Martin tyres vary in size, from 195/50 R15, up to 305/30 R20. Blackcircles.com stock a wide selection of tyre sizes for your Aston Martin that are available to order online.

Are Aston Martin tyres run flat?

Aston Martin tyres can be an original equipment (OE) of run flat tyres, depending on the model. If you are unsure on whether your Aston Martin is fitted with run flat tyres or not, it is recommended to check your vehicle handbook. To find the suitable tyres for your Aston Martin vehicle, enter your registration number on our website today, where different tyre models and sizes are shown for your specific model.

What should the tyre pressure be on my Aston Martin?

When it comes to an Aston Martin, there isn't a one-size-fits-all tyre pressure recommendation. The required pressure will vary based on the model and tyre size. To determine the correct tyre pressure for your Aston Martin, it's important to consult the owner's handbook or inspect the label on the door jamb. By following the manufacturer's guidelines, you can ensure your Aston Martin performs at its best on the road.

How do I reset the TPMS on an Aston Martin?

To reset the TPMS on your Aston Martin, begin by checking that your tyres are inflated to the recommended level. Find the TPMS reset button, typically located below the steering wheel. You can also access the reset option through the vehicle's onboard system, accessible in the car's settings. Press and hold the reset button or select the reset option in the system. Wait for a confirmation message to appear to confirm the TPMS reset. For detailed instructions specific to your Aston Martin model, consult your vehicle's handbook.

How much do Aston Martin tyres cost?

Aston Martin is a luxury car brand, and tyre prices tend to be in the premium to high-end range, reflecting the performance and quality standards associated with the brand.

How to change an Aston Martin tyres

When changing the tyres on an Aston Martin, first ensure that the car is supported securely with a jack. Place the jack at the appropriate jack point and raise the car so that the wheel is off the ground. Then, remove the wheel nuts with a spanner, followed by the wheel itself. Once the wheel is removed, you'll be able to fit the new tyre. Carefully position the tyre onto the wheel hub, then replace the wheel nuts and tighten them using the spanner. Finally, lower the car and repeat the process for each of the remaining wheels. Ensuring that your Aston Martin is fitted with the correct tyres is essential for ensuring its performance and safety.

Is it Aston Martin tyres or tires?

Both "Aston Martin tyres" and "Aston Martin tires" are acceptable spellings of the search term, with the variation depending on the country. In the United States, the term "Aston Martin tires" is more frequently used, whereas in the UK, "tyres" is the more prevalent spelling.