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Hyundai is the largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea and the third largest manufacturer in the world.

Hyundai also run the world's biggest integrated automobile manufacturing facility which produces more than 1.6 million products each year. Hyundai have won many awards over the years including the WhatCar? Best City Car in 2014 and 2015 for the Hyundai i10.

Frequent Asked Questions

What brand of tyres do Hyundai use?

Hyundai tyre brand fitments will depend on the model of the car. Hyundai are also known for their EV development, with their IONIQ 5 being originally fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport EV tyres. Different tyre brands are available on Blackcircles to order today.

What size are Hyundai tyres?

The size of Hyundai tyres will vary based on car models. To check your specific model's available tyre size, enter your registration online.

Are Hyundai tyres run flat?

This will depend on the model chosen by Hyundai to be fitted with run flat tyres. If you are unsure on your specific Hyundai model being fitted with run flat tyres, check your vehicle handbook. Also, if searching for new tyres for your Hyundai, we recommend to enter your vehicle registration on our website homepage, where tyre models and sizes will be displayed for your specific Hyundai model.

What should the tyre pressure be on my Hyundai?

Hyundai tyre pressure recommendations are not universal but rather model and tyre size specific. Refer to the owner's manual or check the door jamb label for accurate pressure details.

How do I reset the TPMS on a Hyundai?

To reset the TPMS on your Hyundai, ensure your tyres are inflated to the recommended level. Locate the TPMS reset button, usually located below the steering wheel. Additionally you may be able to access the reset option through the vehicle's onboard system, available in the car's settings. Press and hold the reset button or select the reset option in the system. Wait for a confirmation message to appear, signifying the successful TPMS reset. For specific instructions on your Hyundai model, refer to your vehicle's handbook.

How much do Hyundai tyres cost?

Hyundai is a popular mainstream car manufacturer, with prices for tyres varying from affordable to mid-range, offering a range of options to suit different models and budgets.

Is it Hyundai tyres or tires?

The terms "Hyundai tyres" and "Hyundai tires" are essentially interchangeable and both refer to the rubber coverings for Hyundai vehicles' wheels. The spelling variation is based on regional differences. In America, the term "Hyundai Tires" is commonly used, whereas in Great Britain, "tyres" is the preferred spelling.