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Founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari, Italian manufacturer Ferrari specialises in luxury sports cars – most notably through its participation in Formula One.

Ferrari broke records in June 2018, when the 1964 250 GTO became the highest selling car in history with an astonishing selling price of $70 million. Ferrari is highly established within the motorsport industry with over 200 race wins including 15 world drivers championship titles.

Frequent Asked Questions

What brand of tyres do Ferrari use?

Ferrari tyre brand fitments will depend on the model of the car. Different tyre brands that fit your Ferrari vehicle are available on Blackcircles to order today.

What size are Ferrari tyres?

A Ferrari's tyre size will differ between car and tyre models. Blackcircles stock a wide selection of tyre sizes for your Ferrari that are available to order today.

Are Ferrari tyres run flat?

Run flat tyres may be equipped to some Ferrari car models. It is recommended that you check your vehicle handbook to know if your specific Ferrari model is originally fitted with run flat tyres. If you are looking for the best tyres to fit your specific car model, enter your registration number into the Blackcircles.com registration search tool, which will show a variety of tyre models that will fit your Ferrari.

What should the tyre pressure be on my Ferrari?

Since Ferrari models and tyre sizes vary, the recommended tyre pressure is not universal. Check the owner's manual or the door jamb label for the precise pressure information.

How do I reset the TPMS on a Ferrari?

To reset the TPMS on your Ferrari, first, ensure that your tyres are inflated to the recommended level. Find the TPMS reset button, usually positioned below the steering wheel. You can also access the reset option through the vehicle's onboard system, available in the car's settings. Press and hold the reset button or select the reset option in the system. Wait for a confirmation message to appear, signifying the successful TPMS reset. For specific instructions for your Ferrari model, refer to your vehicle's handbook.

How much do Ferrari tyres cost?

Ferrari is a renowned luxury and high-performance brand. New tyres for their vehicles will normally be in the premium to high-end range, considering the exclusivity and high-performance nature of Ferrari.

How to change a Ferrari tyre?

This process involves jacking up the car, removing the wheel, taking off the old tyre, installing the new tyre, and torquing the wheel nuts. To ensure a successful tyre change, you'll need to have the right tools for the job, including a jack, lug wrench, and torque wrench. Additionally, you should always use hand tools when working on your Ferrari, as air tools can cause damage to the car.

Is it Ferrari tyres or tires?

Both "Ferrari tyres" and "Ferrari tires" are acceptable spellings of the search term, with the variation depending on the country. In the United States, the term "Ferrari tires" is more frequently used, whereas in the UK, "tyres" is the more prevalent spelling.