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This Japanese manufacturer has a reputation for reliability and dependability. A good sized range of vehicles that should be able to cater for the requirements of most motorists. Also their links with the Ford Motor Company have helped with the development of new models built on very successful floor plans. Advertising over the last few years has raised the profile of Mazda considerably. ( stock complete ranges in Mazda tyres to suit your vehicle and your driving style. Contact our customer service team for impartial advice on 0845 620 2000.

Please note - have created this page for guidance only. We strongly recommend checking the size of the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle before purchasing replacements.

Mazda 323 1.6 - 175/65 14T Continental Eco Contact 3

Mazda 323The Mazda is a good looking hatch back that will cater for a family drivers requirements. The reliability of the car is a major plus point as is the handling of the car, although at low speeds the ride can feel a little firm. A good range of equipment and engine options are available, and it competes well against its main rivals the Ford Focus and the VW Golf. There are many tyre options available depending on your particular driving style. The most popular tyre brand is the Pirelli P3000 which will give a good comfortable ride or if you are on a budget the Kleber offers a very good alternative

Mazda 626 1.8- 205/50 16 V, Bridgestone ER30

Mazda 626This is Mazda’s entrant into the company car segment. A stylish looking vehicle that drives as well as it looks. The only draw back is that the ride may be a bit firm for the driver that desires a more comfortable drive. There are many tyre options on this car, however the most popular is the Pirelli P6000 which because of its design will offer a smoother ride. If you require more performance from your tyres then the Toyo T1-R offers excellent grip in both the wet and the dry conditions.

Mazda MX5 1.8 - 195/50 15 V, Bridgestone ER30

Mazda MX5This Mazda MX-5 is one of the most fun 2 seater sports cars to drive that you can buy. Excellent cabin layout and driving position help you exploit the rear wheel drive and handling characteristics of this car. The 1.6 engine can feel a bit sluggish but the 1.8 engine is an excellent power unit. The tyres for this car need to provide excellent levels of grip in both the wet and the dry. Options would be the Toyo T1-R or the Pirelli P7000. For a budget option the Falken ZE912 provides good grip at a more affordable price

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