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The Citroen 2CV6 is a classic French car that was in production from 1948 to 1990. The "2CV" stands for "deux chevaux-vapeur," which translates to "two steam horses" or "two tax horsepower" in English.

The model was a 2-door compact saloon and the original model was powered by a 602 cc two-cylinder engine, which produced 29 horsepower. The car is feautered in musuems such as the Beaulieu National Motor Musuem, showing the 2CV6 has been regarded as an influential vehicle in terms of design.

New Tyres for a Citroen 2 CV6

The most popular tyres fitted to a Citroen 2 CV6 by our customers

Nankang CX 668 Tyre


The Nankang CX-668 is a dependable all-season touring tyre that offers durability at a great price.

Prices from:

£59.12 to £68.23

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Michelin X Tyre


The Michelin X tyre was a revolutionary construction, being one of the first radial tyres. Offering greater safety compared to the Crossply equivalents.

Prices from:

£101.15 to £309.94

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Michelin ZX Tyre


Michelin's ZX tyre is a classic tyre first constructed in 1968 to provide motorists with greater safety and a comfortable ride.

Prices from:

£112.06 to £222.65

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Michelin X M+S 89

X M+S 89

The Michelin X M+S 89 Car Tyres are Car Tyres that come in 1 variant. The X M+S 89 model comes in a 15 inch rim size. The Michelin X M+S 89 Car Tyres are exempt from tyre labelling. Buy your tyres online today.

  • The Michelin X M+S 89 are Car Tyres that come in 1 variant.
  • The X M+S 89 model comes in a 15 inch rim size.
Prices from:

£144.90 to £144.90

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