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Michelin X

Michelin X

The Michelin X tyre was a revolutionary construction, being one of the first radial tyres. Offering greater safety compared to the Crossply equivalents.

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Michelin's X tyre is a vintage tyre. The innovative design seperated the sidewall and crown function of a tyre for the first time.

Being one of the first radial commercial car tyres, the Michelin X offers classic cars great handling, strong grip and reliable braking.

The flexible sidewall also provide motorists with comfort and reduce the rolling noise compared to its predecessors.

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Tyre Variant

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Fully Fitted Price

All 135's

  • 135/80 R15 S (72)
    • Vintage Tyre
  • This tyre is exempt from Tyre Labelling
  • at £135.60

All 185's

  • 185/80 R16 S (92)
    • Vintage Tyre
  • This tyre is exempt from Tyre Labelling
  • at £248.11

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