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Nissan Juke

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The Nissan Juke is a 5-door subcompact crossover SUV and was one of the first of it's kind.

Launched in 2010, the Juke is still produced and has seen various styling changes since it was introduced, along with a high performance Nismo version.

New Tyres for a Nissan Juke

The most popular tyres fitted to a Nissan Juke by our customers

Tomket Sport Tyre
Latest Model


The Tomket Sport has been carefully engineered to make sure that it provides the best performance in both all summer weathers.

  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Increased traction in wet and dry conditions
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern
Prices from:

£54.50 to £104.68

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Pace Alventi Tyre


Designed to provide control and safety, the Pace Alventi provides great traction and increased ride comfort.

  • High levels of handling
  • Safety in wet conditions
  • Reduce risk of aquaplaning
Prices from:

£49.99 to £148.30

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Bridgestone Turanza T005 Tyre

Turanza T005

A high performance car tyre, developed to deliver an enjoyable driving experience.

  • Strong wet grip
  • Reliable handling
  • Long tread life
Prices from:

£84.61 to £347.45

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Mazzini Eco607 Car Tyre


The Mazzini ECO607 is a car tyre, in stock and available to order online today.

  • The Mazzini ECO607 are Car Tyres that come in 38 different variants.
  • The ECO607 model comes in a variety of rim sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inch.
  • The ECO607 model range has sizes of tyre that have been officially rated as having a wet grip rating ranging from E to B .
  • Prices from:

    £54.96 to £120.36

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    Nissan Juke Marks:

    Nissan Juke Specs for 2019

    Vehicle Details
    Body style
    Sport Utility Vehicle
    Market segment
    Gross vehicle weight (KG)
    1680 ‐ 2350
    2019-08 ‐ S
    Engine Capacity (ltr)
    Data Not Available
    Fuel type
    No of cylinders
    No of valves
    Fuel system
    Multi Point Injection
    Transmission type
    Automatic 7 speed, Automatic 7 speed,Manual 6 speed
    Horsepower (KW)
    84 ‐ 86
    Horsepower (PS)
    114 ‐ 117
    Torque (NM)
    150 ‐ 180
    Torque (RPM)
    4000 ‐ 5250

    Nissan Juke Specs for 2010

    Vehicle Details
    Body style
    Sport Utility Vehicle
    Market segment
    Gross vehicle weight (KG)
    2010-06 ‐ S
    Engine Capacity (ltr)
    Data Not Available
    Fuel type
    Diesel, Petrol
    No of cylinders
    No of valves
    8 ‐ 16
    Fuel system
    Direct Injection, Direct Injection Common Rail, Multi Point Injection
    Naturally Aspirated, Turbocharged
    Transmission type
    Continuously Variable Transmission, Continuously Variable Transmission,Manual 5 speed, Continuously Variable Transmission,Manual 6 speed, Manual 5 speed, Manual 6 speed
    Horsepower (KW)
    69 ‐ 160
    Horsepower (PS)
    94 ‐ 218
    Torque (NM)
    140 ‐ 280
    Torque (RPM)

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