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The MG ZS is a compact family car that has been in production since 2001. The ZS is now offered in both a diesel/petrol range, as well as all-electric compatibility.

During the early proudction years, the ZS was a saloon car, which production ended in 2005. Later, the newly owned MG reintroduced the ZS as a compact SUV. The new look ZS offers an output of 104 horsepower, which allows the vehicle to accelerate from 0-60 mph in around 10.7 seconds.

New Tyres for a MG ZS

The most popular tyres fitted to a MG ZS by our customers

Rotalla RU01 Tyre


Featuring a solid rib design, the tyre provides excellent performance and impressive cornering grip.

  • Reduced noise levels
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Stable at top speeds
Prices from:

£62.59 to £129.38

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Mazzini Eco607 Car Tyre


The Mazzini ECO607 is a car tyre, in stock and available to order online today.

  • The Mazzini ECO607 are Car Tyres that come in 38 different variants.
  • The ECO607 model comes in a variety of rim sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inch.
  • The ECO607 model range has sizes of tyre that have been officially rated as having a wet grip rating ranging from E to B .
  • Prices from:

    £54.96 to £107.48

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    Yokohama Bluearth GT AE51 Tyre
    DriverReviews award

    BluEarth-GT AE51

    The Yokohama BluEarth-GT AE51 is a grand touring tyre designed to offer excellent wet grip and fuel efficiency.

    • Improved fuel efficiency & wet grip.
    • Specially designed asymmetrical tread pattern delivers a more comfortable ride.
    • Unique compound prevents energy loss & uneven wear.
    Prices from:

    £70.75 to £195.48

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    Tomket Sport Tyre
    Latest Model


    The Tomket Sport has been carefully engineered to make sure that it provides the best performance in both all summer weathers.

    • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
    • Increased traction in wet and dry conditions
    • Asymmetrical tread pattern
    Prices from:

    £52.53 to £113.23

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