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New Tyres for a Ford Transit Connect

The most popular tyres fitted to a Ford Transit Connect by our customers

Avon ZV7


The Avon ZV7 is a high performance car tyre, designed to keep you moving in tough and varied weather conditions.

  • High performance summer tyre
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Enhanced wet and dry performance
Prices from:

£51.00 to £150.78

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Avon ZT7


Designed to deliver motorists with a high end performance.

  • Reliable wet braking and handling
  • Sporty handling characteristics
  • Improved fuel economy
Prices from:

£49.99 to £66.79

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Michelin CrossClimate Plus +


The Michelin CrossClimate+ provides safety in every weather condition - for added peace of mind.

  • Safety in every weather condition
  • Strong grip and traction in every season
  • Approved for use in snow conditions
Prices from:

£66.19 to £237.50

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Efficient Grip BestBuy Full


Designed to be an environmentally friendly, tyre the EfficientGrip provides high performances and reduces fuel consumption.

  • Improved fuel efficiency 
  • Superb wet braking 
  • Quiet comfortable ride
Prices from:

£71.23 to £375.94

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Ford Transit Connect Marks:

Ford Transit Connect Specs for MK5 Facelift

  • Body StylesNULL
  • FuelsDiesel, Petrol
  • Engine Sizes999 - 1498
  • Miles Per Gallon44 - 60
  • Emissions123 - 146
  • Crash Rating
  • Introduction Date28/05/2018
  • Termination Date
  • Vehicle Length4425 - 4825
  • Vehicle Width2137
  • Vehicle Height

Ford Transit Connect Specs for MK5

  • Body StylesNULL
  • FuelsDiesel, Petrol
  • Engine Sizes999 - 1560
  • Miles Per Gallon49 - 71
  • Emissions105 - 133
  • Crash Rating
  • Introduction Date01/04/2013
  • Termination Date27/05/2018
  • Vehicle Length4418 - 4818
  • Vehicle Width2137
  • Vehicle Height1836 - 1862

Ford Transit Connect Specs for MK4

  • Body StylesNULL
  • FuelsDiesel, P/LPG, Petrol
  • Engine Sizes1753 - 1796
  • Miles Per Gallon47
  • Emissions159 - 159
  • Crash Rating
  • Introduction Date22/08/2002
  • Termination Date30/06/2013
  • Vehicle Length
  • Vehicle Width
  • Vehicle Height

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