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Late Brake Show reviews the quirky 2CV electric van

The British-built Eive is certainly a head-turner, but what is this electric slice of history like out on the open road? Jonny finds out if the updated deux-cheveaux is more than just a cute gimmick.

Although you would be forgiven for thinking that the Eive is simply a stripped out classic 2CV shell with some batteries thrown in, this electric classic is assembled from almost entirely new and bespoke components.

Tailor-made to each customer’s needs, the Eive is available with a vast selection of options. From the steering wheel, to the colour of the headlining, buyers have the choice to go as traditional (or as wacky) as they like with their electric 2CV van.

Under the skin you will find a 10kWh battery as standard. And while this will only get you around 60 miles, the good news for those planning on taking their 2CV further afield, is that the Wiltshire-based firm also offers an upgraded unit which extends the range to a more useful 130 miles.

But what does the Eive feel like to drive? Well, as Jonny quickly discovers, the 26 bhp output and 60 mph top speed are unlikely to win many races. However, thanks to the modest 650kg kerb weight and instantaneous electric power delivery, the level of performance is akin to that of the original petrol-powered car.

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As he carves down a rural back road, Jonny is charmed by the back-to-basics approach to motoring that the Eive offers. And, what might be seen as flaws in a more modern design - including the wind noise and comical ship-like body roll in the bends - actually add character to the whole experience for Jonny.

What’s more, the original (and famed) 2CV suspension set-up has been retained to make this little van the ideal companion for delivering delicate cargo. Plus, slightly heavier loads are even an option thanks to an uprated rear spring.

While few Eives will be bought as serious workhorses, the blend of retro, eye-catching looks and near limitless customisability, make this electric 2CV the perfect rolling billboard for a boutique business looking to stand out from the crowd.

Watch the video above to discover what else Jonny loves (and doesn’t) about the Eive electric 2CV van.

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